Witch Hill / The Witches Tree

Spot where tree used to stand

   The Witches Tree, also called Witch Hill, is an urban legend from just south of Cincinnati in Alexandria, Kentucky. For the most part, this legend is dead, as the tree in question was cut down a few years ago. The story goes that three witches were hung from this tree. But, before the hanging, they placed a curse on the tree, or rather against anyone that dares to spit on, or cut down, said tree. Obviously, the curse didn’t do much good, since the tree no longer stands. There are also three large humps in the road leading up to the tree, these are said to be where the witches are buried. If so, they must have been some pretty hefty witches. There have been various reports and stories of strange happenings here over the years, the most prominent story being that if you try to take pictures of the area, they will not turn out. As you can see from the pictures featured here, that part of the legend appears to be untrue as well.

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4 responses to “Witch Hill / The Witches Tree

  1. Have just heard of the rumors. I investigate said rumors such as these and I would love to visit there sometime, true or not. Is this the only information that you have? I would love to dive deeper into the story behind this. Who hung them? What were their names? (If this actually happened).

  2. It is definitely cut down now. I took a girl to see it about 9-10-11 years ago, and it was gone. I probably would’ve gotten some action if it was still there…haha. But no, before they cut the tree down, it was definitely a very spooky little road trip to make. Telling the story as you drove toward it, then there were 3 bridges, then 3 humps in the road, then BAM, the crazy-ass tree… It was pretty cool.

  3. It’s in the church grounds now because the were scared to completely get rid of it. I went late 2012. Its chained to another tree to keep standing.

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