Something Cool I’m Not Waiting For Halloween To Use

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    I finally got a hold of one of these Tales from the Crypt Cryptkeeper candelabras last year, and was disappointed to have to pack him up after Halloween. Well, I recently moved, and when I came across him while unpacking, I decided what the hell, who says I can’t use it all year long. Old Crypty now sits proudly on my desk, my nightlight and protector of all my crap that gets tossed there.

    These came out in 1996, but still turn up on ebay quite a bit for $30 to $40, sometimes less. As you can see from the pic (which I stole from because I like the background), his eyes light up as well as the candle, which has a flicker flame bulb. He also comes with a ‘book’ of his own stories to read while he keeps vigil.

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