Got spooks? Wanna be on T.V.?

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Just received an email from someone looking to cast for a new Paranormal television show. He asked if I knew of any family’s that fit the bill, and since I don’t, I figured I’d post the casting sheet here (below). If you meet the criteria, get in touch with him. Good luck.

Now Casting FAMILIES that believe their house is HAUNTED!

Emmy-Winning Production Company is looking for families nationwide who believe their house is haunted for a new, groundbreaking investigation series for a major cable network!

Can you feel a “presence” in your home? Are unexplainable things happening in your house? Lights flickering? Doors opening and closing unassisted? Other supernatural activity? Do you feel like you are living in a real-life paranormal movie? Are you and your family scared by these unexplainable situations? Is there a skeptic in your family who thinks you are just “hearing things” or “making it up?”

Looking for families with multiple children (age range can vary from young to teenagers) who currently reside in the U.S. and believe their house is haunted. Whether you just moved into your home or have been living with these spirits for a while, if you believe your home is haunted we want to hear from you!

Please send the following information to


-Phone Number & Email


-Recent photo of you, your family and house

-Brief summary about your haunting situation, family dynamics etc.

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