A Map of the Tri-States most haunted places

Here’s a map put together by WCPO’s Maxim Alter of several of the areas creepy or haunted locations. This is a great resource for visiting the local haunts (especially since I usually forget to post directions on here). BUT…we don’t endorse trespassing at these or any other location. Always get permission before stepping on private property.

The Top 10 Hauntings and legends in and Around Cincinnati


Everyone has their favorite ‘haunt’, that place they think of when someone mentions ghosts or hauntings, or that place they used to take their friends for a scare when they were kids. But what are the most popular spots? Cincinnati certainly has plenty of supposedly haunted or evil locations to choose from, but which are the most popular?

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Looks like the ruins at Buffalo Ridge are GONE

Buffalo ridge 2014

It’s been a few years since I was at the site of the old Buffalo Ridge Observatory, or as urban legends says, the crematorium. Apparently, the park service has been doing some work back in the woods there.

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Price Hill Potter’s Field

Price Hill Potter Field

Driving up Guerley Road in Price Hill, you would never suspect you are driving by a mass grave for victims of Cholera and Tuberculosis. In fact, most people don’t know the 25 acre Potter’s Field exists.

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The Dent Schoolhouse

The Dent Schoolhouse

The Dent Schoolhouse, built in 1894, on Harrison Avenue in Dent, is one of Cincinnati’s most popular haunted houses, drawing huge crowds every Halloween season. It is also believed, by some, to be haunted for real!

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The Peters Cartridge Company

Peters Cartridge Company


The Peters Cartridge Company,  in Kings Mills, is a favorite of locals when it comes to abandoned or supposedly haunted buildings. Though calling it abandoned isn’t exactly true, but more on that later.  While it is commonly called “The Powder Factory,” they didn’t actually make any gun powder at the site. The gun powder was made across the Little Miami River at the Kings Powder facility. The Peters Cartridge Company made shotgun shells and rifle and pistol cartridges., hence the name. Continue reading

The Beverly Hills Supper Club Site

Beverly Hills Supper Club Site

No ghost stories here (that I’ve heard of), but plenty of tragedy. On this site, on May 28th, 1977, the Beverly Hills Supper Club caught fire, killing 165 people and injuring over 200. The Beverly Hills was a major attraction, about  two miles south of Cincinnati in Southgate, Kentucky. It drew talent from all over the country, and was a popular nightspot and illegal gambling house as early as 1937.

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