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A Map of the Tri-States most haunted places

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Here’s a map put together by WCPO’s Maxim Alter of several of the areas creepy or haunted locations. This is a great resource for visiting the local haunts (especially since I usually forget to post directions on here). BUT…we don’t endorse trespassing at these or any other location. Always get permission before stepping on private property.

The Top 10 Hauntings and legends in and Around Cincinnati

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Everyone has their favorite ‘haunt’, that place they think of when someone mentions ghosts or hauntings, or that place they used to take their friends for a scare when they were kids. But what are the most popular spots? Cincinnati certainly has plenty of supposedly haunted or evil locations to choose from, but which are the most popular?

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Let’s Talk About the Devil’s Church

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The devils church

Hidden in the woods in Clermont County, in an area called Peaceful Valley, sits what is referred to as The Devil’s Church. Some say it’s an old warehouse that’s now used by Satanists, others that it’s a house, and when you drive up to it, there is always candles burning in the windows, the number of which is equal to the number of people in your vehicle. Add to that the claims that if you go looking for the church after dark, you will be chased off by those that worship there, or in some cases, they will try to take you…makes for a pretty creepy story.

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Local Myths & Legends: ‘Superman’ George Reeves is Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery

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   I’ve heard this since I was a kid…that George Reeves, star of the 1950’s ‘Superman’ TV show, is buried here in Cincinnati at Spring Grove Cemetery. While he did spend some time there postmortem, he is, in fact, NOT buried there. George died on June 16, 1959 from a gun shot wound to the head, which was ruled as a suicide.

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Reader Submission – Ghost at Dunham Park?

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These pics come to us from Kenny Riddell, through our Facebook page. Kenny was doing some investigating at Dunham park, and took this picture. He says it was pitch black night, and there were no light sources around.


Now, I didn’t know what to make of this, so asked for more info. He then sent the picture below, taken when there was a Tuberculosis hospital at Dunham, telling me that, to him, the ‘image’ in the first pic resembles one of these nurses.


I gotta admit, you can kinda see what he means. Opinions??

The Smokin’ Monkey

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The Smokin’ Monkey, Located at 3721 Harrison Ave in Cheviot, Ohio, is a bar that, though opened in 1999, has just in the last few years begun promoting itself as ‘haunted’. While my own research of the bars haunting  left me less than impressed (my opinion), the location itself does have a fairly creepy history.

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Miami Cemetery

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   This cemetery, located in Miamitown, is a mixture of a few different cemeteries that were moved to one location. When the land was needed for other things, the bodies at these cemeteries were dug up, and reburied here. It’s been said that if you drive past the cemetery at night, you will see a little girl in a white dress moving among the headstones. She will either disappear when you notice her, or be visible until you try to approach her. Many people also just report feeling creepy or not right once inside the cemetery gates…but, it is a cemetery, so what do you expect?

   There’s no real back story here as to who the little girl is, or why she hangs out at the cemetery. Having driven past there several times at night, I’ll admit to catching a glimpse of something white moving among the headstones a time or two. However, turns out all I was seeing was headlights reflecting back from some of the stones. Most Ohio cemeteries are closed after dark, but this one is sort of the exception to that. As long as you stay to right side of the cemetery in relation to the walkway that cuts through it, your safe. The other half  is, in fact, closed at night.


Take I-74 to exit 7 (SR-128 Cleves/Hamilton), and take SR-128 north. The cemetery will be on your left at the corner of SR-128 & Mill Street


The Trenton Hatchet Man

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hickory Flats Cemetery 1

The so called Trenton Hatchet Man makes his home at the Hickory Flat Cemetery. Urban legend says that if you try to enter cemetery after dark, a man dressed in old, dirty clothes will chase you away. He is supposedly the old caretaker of the cemetery who was killed by a maniac with a hatchet. Where did said maniac come from, and what was his beef with the caretaker? I haven’t been able to figure that out, but now, in an odd twist of fate I suppose, the caretaker haunts the cemetery, and he now carries the hatchet. Some nights, if you drive by, people say you can hear him hitting a metal door on a mausoleum with the hatchet. There are said to be several hatchet marks on this door.

Aside from the fact that there are no mausoleums at Hickory Flat Cemetery, it sounds perfectly plausable to me. Besides the Hatchet Man chasing you off, the Trenton police will too, as you aren’t allowed in Ohio cemeteries after dark. So i would taunt the Hatchet Man from the sidewalk out front, just to be safe on all accounts.

Here’s some video that was recorded at Hickory Flat Cemetery



Take I-75 north to OH-129 west. Turn right on N Martin luther King Blvd / N Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Then right on Jacksonburg Rd, and right again on Morhanthaler. Then the 1st left onto Wehr Rd.

The Darby-Lee Cemetery

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Nestled in the woods of Delhi, overlooking the Ohio river,The Darby-Lee Cemetery is a small, family cemetery with a big history. During the days of the underground railroad, a man named Henry Darby, who owned the property at that time, would use its location on the hill by the river to signal escaping slaves. On nights when it was safe for slaves fleeing the south to cross the river to Ohio, he would light a lantern with green, tinted glass, and play his fiddle from atop the hill. This was the ‘all clear’ signal for the slaves to cross.

When Henry died, he was the first to be buried at this spot. Now, on clear nights, urban legend says you can sometimes see the green glow of his lantern, or perhaps a green orb floating in the cemetery. Others report hearing what they says is the sound of a fiddle playing, yet you can never pin point exactly where the music is coming from. This has come to be known as ‘The legend of the fiddlers green’.

The Darby-Lee cemetery is located in the woods behind Riverview Retirement Community, about 100 feet behind the shed at the back of the lot. It’s often over grown, and pitch black at night, so be careful chasing that green orb around.


From downtown Cincinnati, take Sr-50 west to Fairbanks Road, turn right. This will turn into Delhi Pike. Follow it all the way up to Bender road, and turn right again. Turn right into Riverview Retirement Community. Follow the driveway all the way back, keeping to the right as you go, and park. At the back of the lot is a shed, and just beyond that is the sign marking the Darby-Lee cemetery. Just follow the path into the woods…the cemetery is visible from where the sign is.