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A Map of the Tri-States most haunted places

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Here’s a map put together by WCPO’s Maxim Alter of several of the areas creepy or haunted locations. This is a great resource for visiting the local haunts (especially since I usually forget to post directions on here). BUT…we don’t endorse trespassing at these or any other location. Always get permission before stepping on private property.

The Top 10 Hauntings and legends in and Around Cincinnati

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Everyone has their favorite ‘haunt’, that place they think of when someone mentions ghosts or hauntings, or that place they used to take their friends for a scare when they were kids. But what are the most popular spots? Cincinnati certainly has plenty of supposedly haunted or evil locations to choose from, but which are the most popular?

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The Abandonded Cincinnati Subway Tunnels

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Creepy Cincinnati subway tunnelsPhoto from

I could write for hours talking about all the facts and trivia concerning the never completed Cincinnati Subway tunnels, but instead, i’ll just give you the basics. If you want to know the history and facts about it, and see plenty of pictures,  visit They can tell you the story alot better, and in depth, than I could.

Though you can see the entrance to part of the tunnels from I-75 near  Hopple Street, don’t bother trying to get in for a look.  If it were that easy, I’d have pics of my own posted here. You used to be able to sneak in, but all the entrances have now been secured, they REALLY don’t want you in there. There are occasionally tours given of parts of the tunnels, but even on those, no cameras are allowed. They are usually given once a year, and they fill up quickly. You can get some info about the tours HERE.

Those who did manage to get inside when it was still possible claim the tunnels are haunted by the ghosts of workers who died during construction. They tell of disembodied voices and moving shadows. But again, chances of getting inside are slim to none, so do yourself a favor, and don’t bother trying. Wait for one of the tours instead.

Reader Submission – Ghost at Dunham Park?

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These pics come to us from Kenny Riddell, through our Facebook page. Kenny was doing some investigating at Dunham park, and took this picture. He says it was pitch black night, and there were no light sources around.


Now, I didn’t know what to make of this, so asked for more info. He then sent the picture below, taken when there was a Tuberculosis hospital at Dunham, telling me that, to him, the ‘image’ in the first pic resembles one of these nurses.


I gotta admit, you can kinda see what he means. Opinions??

The Allendale Train Tunnel

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   The Allendale train tunnel is located south of Cincinnati, in the woods behind the Allendale trailer park in Elsmere, Kentucky. Some years ago, legend says a man hung himself from a hook that is set above the tunnel entrance. Now, his ghost is said to walk the tunnel, or some say, appear still hanging from the hook. There are also reports of disembodied voices, as well as screams coming from inside the tunnel.

   There is sometimes confusion with finding it because it’s known as a train tunnel. No train runs through it. It’s actually a tunnel for the stream that runs under the tracks. To reach it, you must enter the woods, travel down a hill, and follow a stream to reach the location. Heavily spray painted and littered, it’s obviously been a teen hangout for years.

   There is a hook above both entrances, so at least that part of the legend is true, But who knows if anyone hung themselves from either one. Good luck finding it, it can be a pain to get to.

Satan’s Hollow

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Satans Hollow

Satan’s Hollow is one of the best known, but least seen, urban legends around here. It is a series of drainage tunnels located in Blue Ash, Ohio, where a group of Satanists supposedly used to meet in some type of altar room, and conduct their rituals. These rituals included holding dark mass, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, and conjuring. They must have been pretty good, because the legend claims they managed to open a doorway to hell and summon Satan himself. Screams can be heard at night, and there have been many sightings of various apparitions, including floating skulls and a demon, commonly known as the Shadow Man. He is some kind of hall monitor from hell, left here by Satan to guard these tunnels. The shadow man is said to appear in the form of a human, only completely blacked out, hence his name.

While these tunnels certainly are creepy, they aren’t very big. Aside from the area when you enter the tunnel system, you pretty much have to stay hunched over to get through, and they get smaller as you go. The path to the so called Altar Room is a long one, and obviously, since these are storm water drainage tunnels, they are slightly inclined, which makes moving through them even harder. So unless these Satanists are actually the relocated residents of Munchkinville, and strong ones at that, I don’t think they were dragging too many human sacrifices through here. Regardless, by far one the creepiest places around.

Can you visit this location?

No. The tunnels are private property. As far as we know, its ok to be in the wood here, but not the tunnels themselves. Also, though there aren’t any ‘No Trespassing’ sign posted anywhere around the woods that we know of, obey them if you see them, property owners could put them up at any time.

The Twin Train Tunnels

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   The twin train tunnels are just south of Cincinnati in Ryland Heights, Kentucky. It’s located on Lambs Ferry road, in an area thats very dark (no street lights), and feels very desolate, though there are homes all up and down the road. According to local legend, a man was killed in one of the tunnels here back in the 1930’s, and if you come here after 10:00 pm, you will see him in or near the tunnels. He is said to have brown hair, and wears a white t-shirt. I don’t know if he was supposed to be someone connected to the railroad company, or just someone walking the tracks. He is usually said to be seen walking towards the tunnel exit, in some versions of the story, he is carrying a lantern.

   I do NOT recommend anyone entering these tunnels. They are private property, owned by CSX, not to mention the dangers of oncoming trains. You would be surprised how quickly they can come up on you.

   I can’t say for sure if anyone really has been killed in either of these tunnels, it’s not hard to believe they have, but I haven’t found any records of it thus far. Haunted or not, as stated above, the area is very dark, and there’s little traffic on the road thats runs in front of the tunnels. Sounds carries and echos here, so what may sound like someone in the tunnels can actually be coming from elsewhere. But, you never know…..