Location Index

The Allendale Train Tunnel

Bobby Mackey’s Music World


Buell Road

The Buffalo Ridge Crematorium

Buffalo Ridge Road

Chambers Road House

The Cincinnati Subway Tunnels

Clermont County Dead Mans Curve

The Cody Road Bridge

Cosmopolitan Hall (The Warehouse Nightclub)

The Darby-Lee Cemetery

Delhi Park

The Dunham Road House

Flying Saucer in Northern Kentucky

Garvey Road

The Gwynn Building

The Harbin Park Water Tower

Harrison Avenue Dead Mans Curve

Hell’s Church

Hickory Flat Cemetery (Trenton Hatchet Man)

Lick Road

Miami Cemetery

Munchkinville / Tiny Town

Narrows Road

The Oxford Light

Pond Run Road  (the Hook Man)

Satan’s Hollow

The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road

Sleepers Hill (Sedamsville Woods)

The Smokin’ Monkey

The Stonelick Covered Bridge

Twin Train Tunnels

Union Terminal

The USS Nightmare

Westwood Town Hall

Witch Hill / The Witches Tree

10 responses to “Location Index

      • There is actually a spirit that lives upstairs in the apt built on the second floor of the hardware store. Talk to the owners Rick Kaiser or Katie Kaiser. Katie and two friends actually seen a daylight manifestation of the ghost and They have had many odd occurances happen there. A man died there when it was an ice mill back in the early 20th century. He still lingers around

  1. The KKK house at the end of west route 8 and the old coney island property in ludlow should be investigated. There in ludlow there is an old buildind next to sleepy hollow rd that has big smoke stacks and burners in the basement thats known to be haunted as well. Ask anyone from ludlow they will tell ya.

  2. I would really love to see someone investigate the Peter cartridge plant in kings mills. I know the owner has really been hesitant to let anyone in there but if the books on the place are to be believed, he is also the gu telling of the hauntings… So if you guys can get permission to go inside and investigate I’d really love to hear about it! Thanks!

  3. Thank you very much for these! I read all of them and they are extremely interesting. True, i am not so sure about, but either way, very interesting. Keep it up!

  4. There’s an old house at the intersection of mill rd and Hamilton ave. In mt. Healthy I’ve heard some terrifying stories about the house

  5. Is the kkk house on rt 8 still standing ? I heard they tore it down but I’ve never devised a sneaky enough plan to get back there and look without the owners coming out.

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