A flying saucer in Northern Kentucky??


   Is there really a flying saucer sitting in someone’s backyard in Covington (or is that Ludlow)? Well yes, and no. If you go across the Brent Spencer bridge out of Cincinnati, you can see what looks like a flying saucer sitting on one of the hills in Northern Kentucky. Strange, but not a UFO.

   What you’re seeing is called a Futuro or Futuro House. This is a round, prefabricated house designed by Matti Suuronen, of which about 100 were built during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The distinctive flying saucer like shape and airplane hatch entrance has made the houses popular among collectors. The Futuro is composed of polyester plastic and fiberglass, measuring about 3 meters high and 8 meters in diameter.

   To see it for yourself, head across the bridge to Wright Street and head up the hill. It’s safe to say that you can’t miss it!


3 thoughts on “A flying saucer in Northern Kentucky??

  1. There is another one of these on HWY 55 heading towards Chicago in Illinois. It’s green and looks a little bigger but same model.

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