Reader Submission: Haunted Train Ride at the Cincinnati Zoo?

These pictures come to us from Rebeckah. She was on the train at the Cincinnati Zoo during the Festival of Lights in 2010, and noticed something in some pictures taken during the ride. Here’s what she says about it.

I’m not sure if you try to prove or disprove any submissions that are made but I will give you as much detail as I can remember. It was very cold that night and when the pictures were taken and we were riding on the train. The first picture is the one taken that my daughter is facing the camera and the second was taken a few seconds later. Many who have seen these agree that it almost looks like a figure sitting next to me with it’s arm around me and I’ll admit I got creeped out then I got home and first loaded the pictures off of the digital camera. I’ve heard that the zoo is believed to be haunted but other than the pictures themselves I don’t recall any unusual occurrences or feelings from that night.





4 thoughts on “Reader Submission: Haunted Train Ride at the Cincinnati Zoo?

  1. I’ve worked at the zoo for a year and many of my coworkers, as well as myself, have had many experiences with a ghost in the basement of the gift shop. Some have seen a full bodied apparition in black walk by the aisles, others have seen legs walking between aisles, and others have heard noises and seen things move with no apparent reason

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