The Tunnels Under Bobby Mackey’s

Tunnels under Bobby Mackey's

You’ll find these tunnels along the shore of the Licking River, back behind the parking lot of Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder, KY. You may have seen or heard of them on Ghost Adventures, as they supposedly lead to the ‘well’ in the basement at Mackey’s. So, if true, this would be the route Pearl Bryan’s head would have taken out of the building, if, in fact, it was tossed down the well there. There’s a lot of ‘if’s’ to this story. Don’t know the story of Pearl and her lost head? Read about it HERE. Now let’s talk about the tunnels.

While these tunnels are said to connect to the well room, I can’t say that they do or don’t.  Those that work at Mackey’s say there’s actually another opening a little further up river that is the drain from the well, but we had never looked for it. That being said, at one point, these tunnels do break left towards the building, so it’s possible they do actually connect at the well, but more on that later.

After going through the opening seen above, there’s this rounded tunnel you will travel through…

Tunnels under Bobby Mackey's

not too hard to get through, but slippery.

It opens up into a small chamber, that  looks suitably creepy , complete with red pentagrams drawn on the wall…

Tunnels under Bobby Mackey's


This tunnel is tighter, and longer, than the first, so be prepared to lose a little skin off your back going through this one.


                    At the end of this tunnel, there is a manhole and several smaller pipes/tunnel coming in from above, none of which are large enough to fit through.


Standing here, there is another tunnel to the left. This one is big enough to crawl through, but smaller yet than the one taken to get here. This tunnel does lead towards the building, but since we weren’t about to crawl through it, I can’t say for sure where it leads.

11997025_10207525408994329_1210170114_n                          11998566_10207525409074331_1176666072_n

You can’t really tell from these pictures, but it looks like there’s some nasty stuff at the end of it.

Even if these do actually lead to under the well room, don’t get any ideas of going through and getting up into the basement. The well is sealed up, so your not getting anywhere. After being in those tunnels, I can’t see how Pearls head would have made it all the way out to the river without being found first. There would have had to have been A LOT of water flowing through there at the time, and the river would have had to have been up pretty high as well.  So it either didn’t happen, which is most likely, or if it did happen, it was through another, shorter set of tunnels.  Either way, a cool, creepy little set of tunnels.


  1. If you had to recommend one spot that was really worth the risk vs reward which place would it be?
    Have to tried derby Lee cemetery in delhi? Or Waverly cemetery on Colerain??? Both look creepy as hell

  2. Hey Rick, what’s your last name. I want to share your Bobby Mackeys story on my Facebook page Deviation Diaries-cincy but I want to give writer credit.

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