1. The tunnels are long enough and slightly turn so you cannot see the other side. I have walked the tunnels (not recommended, wait for a train to go through and you will still be racing not to get hit by the time you reach the other side.) there is no light source that i could see on the other side? just came out in the woods, but yet? as the legend says. You can see when you look down the left tunnel a light that looks like a lantern moving back and forth in the tunnel. I have been there several times in different seasons thou out the year and have always seen it… I have always shown up at around 11pm and it always shows up shortly after? Ive tried to walk to it it just moves away or disappears. all in all creepy place to visit in any event!

  2. I saw the lantern moving but it was in the afternoon. and it was only me and my friends who were there and me and my boyfriend keep going back to them and we always see a dog but theres nothing there when we get to the other side

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