Location Index

Satan's Hollow

The Allendale Train Tunnel

The Beverly Hills Supper Club

Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Bobby Mackey’s Tunnels


Buell Road

The Buffalo Ridge Crematorium

Buffalo Ridge Road

Chambers Road House

Chateau Laroche / Loveland Castle

The Cincinnati Subway Tunnels

Clermont County Dead Mans Curve

The Cody Road Bridge

Cosmopolitan Hall (The Warehouse Nightclub)

The Darby-Lee Cemetery

Delhi Park

The Dent Schoolhouse

The Devils Church

The Devil’s Dungeon

The Dunham Recreation Complex / Dunham Tuberculosis Hospital

The Dunham Road House

Flying Saucer in Northern Kentucky

The Ghost Ship

The Golden Lamb

The Gwynn Building

The Harbin Park Water Tower

Harrison Avenue Dead Mans Curve

Hell’s Church

Hickory Flat Cemetery (Trenton Hatchet Man)

Lick Road

The Ludlow Incinerator

Miami Cemetery

The Monmouth Street Antique Gallery

Mount Notre Dame High School

Munchkinville / Tiny Town

Narrows Road

The Newport Syndicate / Glenn Schmidt’s Playatorium

Otto Printing

The Oxford Light

The Peters Cartridge Company

Pond Run Road  (the Hook Man)

Price Hill Potters Field

Rapid Run Park

The Ruppert House

Satan’s Hollow

The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road

The Sedamsville Rectory

Sleepers Hill (Sedamsville Woods)

The Smokin’ Monkey

The Stonelick Covered Bridge

Twin Train Tunnels

Union Terminal

The USS Nightmare


Westwood Town Hall

Witch Hill / The Witches Tree


      • There is actually a spirit that lives upstairs in the apt built on the second floor of the hardware store. Talk to the owners Rick Kaiser or Katie Kaiser. Katie and two friends actually seen a daylight manifestation of the ghost and They have had many odd occurances happen there. A man died there when it was an ice mill back in the early 20th century. He still lingers around

  1. The KKK house at the end of west route 8 and the old coney island property in ludlow should be investigated. There in ludlow there is an old buildind next to sleepy hollow rd that has big smoke stacks and burners in the basement thats known to be haunted as well. Ask anyone from ludlow they will tell ya.

  2. I would really love to see someone investigate the Peter cartridge plant in kings mills. I know the owner has really been hesitant to let anyone in there but if the books on the place are to be believed, he is also the gu telling of the hauntings… So if you guys can get permission to go inside and investigate I’d really love to hear about it! Thanks!

  3. Thank you very much for these! I read all of them and they are extremely interesting. True, i am not so sure about, but either way, very interesting. Keep it up!

  4. There’s an old house at the intersection of mill rd and Hamilton ave. In mt. Healthy I’ve heard some terrifying stories about the house

  5. Is the kkk house on rt 8 still standing ? I heard they tore it down but I’ve never devised a sneaky enough plan to get back there and look without the owners coming out.

  6. I checked out the abandoned crematorium off of Sleepy Hollow Rd in Ludlow yesterday. The room downstairs to the right of the incinerators is definitely spooky. Worth a trip there to check it out.

      • Ludlow, KY. It’s on a biking path and you can’t see it from the road. There’s a very tall steel bridge really close to it, like within 250 feet. It’s a little bit of a hike from the road.

  7. […] places to scare the absolute sh*t out of us. Luckily, we immediately stumbled on this page called Creepy Cincinnati. Apparently, this guy named Rick has been keeping his ear to the ground about all of the spookiest […]

  8. Check into Northern Ky Youth detention center in Crittenden Ky. I’ve been told by one of the guards that there are certain parts of the building that the guards won’t go to alone after nightfall. I’ve also heard that the woods surrounding the property are haunted.

  9. At 5935 Winton Ridge Ln, there is a very large concrete building with only one small door, and six windows, all near the door. The building stretches across to Winton Rd. There’s a sign that reads “RESTRICTED AREA, NO TRESPASSING.” Do you have any idea what this building is?

  10. I lived across the street from the Westwood town hall. We would see lights going off and on at all hours of the night. We also saw strange shadows in the bell tower and upper floors. I believe the apartments across the street also have some unseen tenants.

  11. Where is Mt. Notre Dame high school in Reading…my daughter in law went there and worked there.. A young girl haunts the school..she died back in the 40’s. I’ve seen it….crazy scary! That cable show wanted to film a few years back but school didn’t want that publicity.

  12. Have you ever heard of hell ohio? I’ve always wanted to check it out. Supposedly its an abandoned town in the middle of the woods.

  13. There’s alot of abandoned buildings in middletown, one which no longer stands due to the overwhelming amount of native American ghosts. Probably because it was built on a ancient Indian burial sight. But that’s not the only one!

  14. 724 West 19th Street Covington Ky 41014. I no longer live at this address and haven’t for some time. In early 2001, in May me and my mother and father moved to this house. I was only 9 at the time but I still remember it vividly. My first day there, I was inside eating white castles that my mother had bought me, and she was outside washing the car with a hose. While inside I heard footsteps walking around upstairs, and so like any curious child I went and told mother someone was upstairs. She didn’t believe me, and so I went back inside. The same thing happened again not even ten seconds later. I went out and told her again, and she still didn’t believe me. Eventually she came inside and I told her I was certain I heard something. Mother was a devout Christian at the time, and so she told me she would rebuke it in the name of Jesus. When she said that, there was a loud crashing noise upstairs like something was trying to get out….it wasn’t. That night I went out to get something to drink, and I felt something watching me. I tried to ignore it, but it was such a feeling I couldn’t shake it. This happened every night for a few days. Not too long after I had went upstairs with my friend I had made there named Johnathan. We both explored the closest and found nothing, so we went back down stairs. The next day I went back up alone and now found ghosts made of tissue, tied with string, on the ground everywhere in the closets.

    I took one down to mother and she called my Grandmother who is a stern Christian. Her and my now new Grandfather (she just married) started to pray. The air eased up for a while. My father didn’t make it easy on us though, we think it was because of what was there. He went deep into alcohol, getting drunk and throwing fits, harming me and mother out of the blue. His fits were uncontrollable, and strangely he seemed angry at Christians and me (who was only 9). His family came to stay with us and they moved into the basement, another creepy area. They too reported feeling uneasy at times as well. But we continued to stay there. Not even a month after, the incidents started again, only worse. It was coming downstairs and attacking us. Mother was choked by it, it made you sick if you left your room. It didn’t stop there, it came into my room every night from then on. I saw it, it roared at me, showing fangs and such. It was big, around seven feet tall, hairy, its eyes were like fire. It tormented me every night, and no matter how much help we had, it kept coming back. My grandmother came with my grandfather, who was a preacher at the time, and two other devout Christians, one who has recently passed sadly. They went upstairs, and one of the two nearly passed out from the evil. They prayed, threw holy water, and blessed every room. It seemed to work, that night was calm and quiet. We thought our problems were over, until a few days later. It came back in force, attacking us again and tormenting me further at night. No sleep at night, school during the day, my health was degrading, I was getting strep throat constantly and high temperatures. One day I was at school, my father came home early and his family was on the couch watching tv. When they saw him, they started screaming. Behind him was the big monster I saw before, described to a “T” That was when even they knew the place was not haunted, it was possessed by a demonic entity.

    Eventually after the years went by, I grew colder, my fear was replaced with sadness and emptiness that I couldn’t fix with church. I felt alone, like nothing was on my side. My teen years were rough, mother and father had problems and it ended in divorce. We left the house, but the damage had been done. Ever since those years, I have had felt empty inside, the scars had been made. I tried to go back to church, but my family kept putting me and mother down, excluding grandma of course. We escaped the house but the torment continued. I had nightmares for years, and my sensitivity to the supernatural went through the roof. To the point I can feel out spirits in haunted places, even if they are not known to be haunted. During the day I am ok, some problems are still there but my life has progressed. But at night, I still feel the sensation, the evil, the very reality of it. This isn’t a message saying spirits are real, god is real. I believe in God, but I leave that up to others beliefs. This is a warning to stay away from that house. I don’t want people to feel what I did, the meaning of hopelessness…that home is the definition of Hell. I know this kinda sounds like a story, and it is, but a true one. My mother, my grandparents, my father, even my friends (who don’t believe me) can all attest to this and what I say. Avoid this home, avoid the attic….otherwise my nightmares will become yours….the Black Spirit (Or Black Beast, named it both) does exist….Hell and Demons are real.

  15. Notre Dame Academy is most definitely haunted. There is a ghost of a girl named Alice, who is said to have killed herself and now remains to haunt the basement halls.

  16. Dent Schoolhouse? Isn’t that purportedly where the custodian murdered the kids, & their bodies were found in the basement…?

  17. I’m asking if anybody in Northside has seen this apparition. I’ve been seeing this figure in and around my apartment. In the American Can Lofts.

    This figure is formally dressed in a tuxedo. However you can’t see his face. Where is face would be is black with a bunch of stars on it. I don’t think it’s attached to the building seems to be to formerly dressed for a cannery worker. I’m wondering if it’s from these old beer halls I’ve read about. I’m also sandwhiched between to big ass cemetery’s.

    I’ve been calling it the star faced man.

    • That’s creepy.
      Do you have any stories to share?

      I live in Cincinnati and I’m fascinated by ghost stories and the paranormal.

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