The Devil’s Dungeon

The Devil's Dungeon

Here’s another location that I don’t really know much about. Called ‘The Devil’s Dungeon’ by those that do know about it, it’s another tunnel system, much like Satan’s Hollow, this time located in Kenwood.

I first heard about it a couple of years ago, when the story about Satan’s Hollow was popular for a bit. I was even told the general area where I could find it, I just never bothered to go looking (I haven’t looked for or explored any locations for almost a year now). Then a few weeks ago, while leaving an appointment in Kenwood, I noticed a body of water not far from where I was parked, and knowing I was close to the location I was given, decided to walk down and have a look. Sure enough, there it was.

As I said, I don’t know what the story is on this place, or if it even has one, aside from being a creepy looking tunnel. But since I’ve been asked 2 or 3 times about it, I figured I’d post  the few pictures I have, and see if anyone has any stories to tell about the site.

I’m hesitant to share the exact location, considering the crap I got from the landowners after posting about Satan’s Hollow, so I’ll just say it’s located in Kenwood, not all that far from the mall. Someday I may actually get off my ass and go take a better look at it, but until then, here’s a few pictures that were sent in by someone who did.


    • We walked Devils Dungeon with candles as kids. It is part of a network of storm sewers that originated west of Richmond Avenue in Deer park a couple doors from where I grew up (7328 Richmond). It was all underground and ran west until it emerged right out in front of the old Epp Hospital (now Jewish Hospital). It was open-air across the Kenwood Road frontage and then ran underground again under Kenwood Road, heading east under Galbraith where it emptied out on the north side of Galbraith, west of where I-71 now goes across and formed a small pool. It then went back under Galbraith with the opening being large and square–big enough to drive a Jeep through if need be. It had a lot of smaller feeder pipes coming in to it along the way, at the time most likely from the old Kenwood Plaza back parking lot. It then emptied back out east of where I-71 now crosses–behind the area where Steinbergs built a store, which I think later on became UC Health (where I had BOTH of my vacectomies done–long story). As far as I know, it was creek (Sycamore Creek?) from then on until it eventually spilled in to the Little Miami river.

      • I mistakingly said it originated “west” of Richmond Ave–should have said EAST. It the ran EAST under a large housing developement until coming out at the old Epp Hospital.

  1. Need to go check it out for my blog Urban Paranormal Commandos, you recently “followed it!!
    Can you please email me the location

    That would be awesome and no one is gonna hassle us we just take pics and when people do we make friends and they end up showing us around I work in radio so I have prees credentials if I need…

  2. While I love the look of these tunnels, I’ve never been one to go along with any stories about them. I think it has something to do with when I was a kid walking through some tunnels in NCH where I grew up. I always heard stories about them, but never actually saw evidence of any of them. They were just creepy tunnels. Still cool to see though!

  3. Would love to check it out if you could email me! It would just be my sister and I and aren’t trying to get into any trouble though

  4. I’m pretty sure these are part of the abandoned Cincinnati subway system. There were runs made along central parkway, in Norwood, and Kenwood. Most of the evidence is gone now due to development. I’ve been in the Cincinnati tunnels and they look like this to an extent.

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