Narrows Road



   Narrows Road, in Erlanger, Kentucky, is supposedly where a ghostly police officer likes to hang out. According to urban legend, while making a traffic stop here sometime in the 50’s, he was struck and killed by a passing car. So now, if you drive along Narrows Road after midnight (or at exactly midnight in some tellings), a 1950’s style police cruiser will appear and pull you over. Some versions of the legend say the officer will then come to you car, speak to you, then disappear after walking away. While other say he disappears before reaching you.

   Sounds pretty cool…if only all cops disappeared like this after stopping you. However, according to the local police, there has never been an officer killed on Narrows road. So unless he’s way out of his juristiction, I wouldn’t worry about it. Be more concerned with the living police. There is a police / Fire station located here. One end of Narrows dead ends, and is said be be a hangout for kids, and sometime drug use, so it’s patrolled regularly. But hey, if you REALLY want to find the phantom officer, go check it out….take extra donuts with you just in case.


Take I-275 to Turkefoot Road. Go south on Turkeyfoot, and follow it down to Brightleaf Blvd. Turn left on Brightleaf, wich takes you to Narrows Road.



  1. Yea the phantom cop isnt real. But the worker who fell from the bridge and broke his neck, at the bottom of the hill, is said to re-live his fall every night. and yes, police patrol this spot regularly.

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