A Map of the Tri-States most haunted places

Here’s a map put together by WCPO’s Maxim Alter of several of the areas creepy or haunted locations. This is a great resource for visiting the local haunts (especially since I usually forget to post directions on here). BUT…we don’t endorse trespassing at these or any other location. Always get permission before stepping on private property.


The Top 10 Hauntings and legends in and Around Cincinnati


Everyone has their favorite ‘haunt’, that place they think of when someone mentions ghosts or hauntings, or that place they used to take their friends for a scare when they were kids. But what are the most popular spots? Cincinnati certainly has plenty of supposedly haunted or evil locations to choose from, but which are the most popular?

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Let’s Talk About the Devil’s Church

The devils church

Hidden in the woods in Clermont County, in an area called Peaceful Valley, sits what is referred to as The Devil’s Church. Some say it’s an old warehouse that’s now used by Satanists, others that it’s a house, and when you drive up to it, there is always candles burning in the windows, the number of which is equal to the number of people in your vehicle. Add to that the claims that if you go looking for the church after dark, you will be chased off by those that worship there, or in some cases, they will try to take you…makes for a pretty creepy story.

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The Dunham Road House

    This house, located in Amelia, has been reputed for years to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who was killed there. Known as ‘The Dunham Road House’, there’s not a lot of information about it other than the basic back story. It’s said that it was once the home of the Tracy family, who ran a farm on the land back in the late 1700’s / early 1800’s. The little girls death supposedly happened in either 1802 or 1803, when so-called angry Indians raided the house, and for some reason, killed only her, apparently.

    Why were the Indians angry? Why did they kill only the little girl?  What happened to the invading Indians, or the rest of the family? If anyone knows, I haven’t found an explanation or more on the story anywhere. Speaking to neighbors a few years ago, they told stories of some of the alleged ghostly activity that occurred in the house during recent renovations. Shadows, door knobs flying off the doors and hitting those inside, voices, etc. They themselves claimed that the little girl visited them and caused mischief in their home as well.

    There’s at least one BIG problem with this legend though. It seems the house wasn’t actually even built until the year 1900….almost 100 years after it was said to have been raided by Indians. It’s possible there was another home there prior to that, perhaps in the exact same location, but it wasn’t THIS house.

    As with any location that is a private residence, the owners don’t want you out there looking around. There are clear ‘No Trespassing’ signs posted, and that portion of Dunham Road becomes a private driveway as well. The home, as I said, was recently renovated, so it’s not even a creepy old place worth looking at anyway. Stay away!

Chambers Road House

   Chambers Rooad House (49)

***Update: The Chambers Road House has been torn down***

   The abandoned house on Chambers Road, south of Cincinnati in Walton, Kentucky, has been the source of ghost stories for several years. Sitting back off the road, in shambles, lawn over grown, a barn sitting in disrepair nearby, this is the perfect setting for a scary story. The true history of the house is unknown at this time, but like any house in this Chambers Rooad House (28)condition, there’s a few stories floating around about it. Well, really the same story, but with a few variations.

Supposedly, at some point 20 years or more ago, a man and wife lived here with one or 3 children (depends on which version you hear). He was said to have a mental disorder of some of some kind, and eventually snapped. In some versions of the tale, he shot and killed his whole family there in the house before killing himself. Others say he took them all out to the barn and killed them there, along with all the horses. Still others say at least one child tried to get away, but the father chased them down and killed them in a tunnel near the house.

Those that explore the area now claim they hear screams, gun shots, even the horses. There are reports of apparitions in all 3 locations, those of the family running, and of the father chasing after them.

I explored the house, barn, and tunnel, all without incident. There is “something’ splattered on the wall in one of the bedrooms that is supposedly blood. Well, it’s reddish anyway, but I can’t say for sure that it is or isn’t blood. The place is a mess, if you check it out yourself, be cautious. And try not to piss Dad off while your there!

Harrison Avenue Dead Mans Curve

    Harrison Avenue’s so-called Dead Mans Curve is said to be haunted by a phantom hitchhiker. Those that see him on this stretch of road become filled with an extreme sense of fear, that they can’t explain. No one is known to have ever picked him up, but those that have gotten a good look at him say he is burned, with flesh hanging from his face. Who is he, and why is he here? Is he even real? Well, I’ve made many trips along Harrison Avenue, and never seen him, but he is said to be a man who died in an accident here in 1953.

    There have been many accidents along Harrison Avenue here over the years, including several fatalities. The best known of these goes back to 1953. On October 8th of that year, at 8:46 pm,  a molasses truck lost control coming down Dead Mans Curve. It failed to make the final curve at the bottom of the hill, bowled over a pole, went through a stone wall and a body shop, and came to rest in the kitchen of a first floor apartment.  The driver was conscious, but was trapped in the truck. The propane tank that heats the molasses exploded, and in the end, the entire block burned down. The driver, who burned to death, was the only casualty. So is he now walking along Harrison Avenue, burned and spreading fear? Or is this just a story that grew from that long ago accident?

The picture below is from that October 8th, 1953 accident.

Sedamsville Woods (Sleepers Hill)

These woods are said to be Haunted by the ghost of old man Sleeper. He was a hermit that lived atop the hill here back in the 50’s, and he was notorious for hating trespassers. He would chase off them off, sometimes using his shotgun or axe, and reportedly releasing  his bull at times to do the job. Obviously, parents warned their kids to stay away from old man Sleepers property, and of course, they usually didn’t listen. For some reason, the old man hung himself in his barn on top of the hill. Urban legend says old man Sleeper’s ghost is still roaming the property, chasing off anyone that dares to trespass with a bloody axe.

Others say they see an apparition, thought to be Sleeper, moving among the trees at night. He doesn’t speak to or bother anyone, and disappears if you go looking for him. I’ve never heard of anyone really being killed by old man Sleepers ghost, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened…right? If you decide to go looking, the foundation from his old farm-house is still visible on top of the hill, but there are other private homes that have been built there too. Don’t go trespassing on their property either.


Take US-50 west out of downtown until you come to Fairbanks Road. There’s a park there on the corner, and Sedamsville woods are right behind it.