Sedamsville Woods (Sleepers Hill)

These woods are said to be Haunted by the ghost of old man Sleeper. He was a hermit that lived atop the hill here back in the 50’s, and he was notorious for hating trespassers. He would chase off them off, sometimes using his shotgun or axe, and reportedly releasing  his bull at times to do the job. Obviously, parents warned their kids to stay away from old man Sleepers property, and of course, they usually didn’t listen. For some reason, the old man hung himself in his barn on top of the hill. Urban legend says old man Sleeper’s ghost is still roaming the property, chasing off anyone that dares to trespass with a bloody axe.

Others say they see an apparition, thought to be Sleeper, moving among the trees at night. He doesn’t speak to or bother anyone, and disappears if you go looking for him. I’ve never heard of anyone really being killed by old man Sleepers ghost, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened…right? If you decide to go looking, the foundation from his old farm-house is still visible on top of the hill, but there are other private homes that have been built there too. Don’t go trespassing on their property either.


Take US-50 west out of downtown until you come to Fairbanks Road. There’s a park there on the corner, and Sedamsville woods are right behind it.




  1. This is right behind boldface park. I grew up on Halsey ave and basically lived in those woods, they were awesome what kid wouldn’t? Anyways, at the end of my street there was a trail that lead to the hill. We always used to go back there and it was scary. Just a few months ago, I had a dream about that trail and to make a long story short I came across an old man screaming for us to leave the house we wandered into and he chased us away. Scariest and realist dream I have had in a while. Like I said I grew up all around them woods, and the old man isn’t the only one haunting them, Indian spirits also still roam these woods. The trail is on Halsey ave up the hill around the bend and at the end if the street. Walk it sometime, and imagine being a 7 year old kid wandering these parts!

  2. I lived at 3204 River Road. I was raised there. The house was very very haunted and the land was haunted . I had a pony and there was a trail that went from our place to the top of Sleepers Hill. My friend lived in the farmhouse at the top of Sleepers Hill. My friend burnt the barn down accidentally while burning leaves that the man hung himself in. Me and my friend used to ride our ponies then as we got bigger our horses and used to camp out on top of the hill at what they called Buffalo Flats. We often seen the man that I saw in my house while growing up. I actually stayed in the house where the man lived but never saw anything in the house next to the barn. In my house I saw him many times and so did my friend. I can tell you much much more if you want to know more email me at

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