The Cincinnati Subway Tunnels

Cincinnati SubwayI could sit here for hours and write about the never completed Cincinnati Subway tunnels, but I’m lazy, and just looking for an excuse to post some pictures. If you want to know the history and facts about it, and see plenty more pictures,  visit They can tell you the story alot better, and in depth, than I could.

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The Beverly Hills Supper Club Site

Beverly Hills Supper Club Site

No ghost stories here (that I’ve heard of), but plenty of tragedy. On this site, on May 28th, 1977, the Beverly Hills Supper Club caught fire, killing 165 people and injuring over 200. The Beverly Hills was a major attraction, about  two miles south of Cincinnati in Southgate, Kentucky. It drew talent from all over the country, and was a popular nightspot and illegal gambling house as early as 1937.

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The Gwynn Building

    Located at sixth and Main in Downtown Cincinnati, The Gwynn Building was built in the early 1900’s (completed in 1914), and is one of only fifteen buildings in Hamilton County to be listed in the Department of Interiors National Historic register. It’s a cool old building (click HERE to read a little history) that’s another recent addition to the local paranormal community.

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    Boomerang’s is a little corner bar located in St. Bernard, that actually, wouldn’t seem creepy to most people. But, once you hear a little bit about it, you’ll view it in a whole new light. The owner, Wildman Walker, formerly of WEBN, and his employees say the bar is haunted by the ghosts of several people who had ties to the place.
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The USS Nightmare

Located right across the river in Newport, Ky, sits the USS Nightmare, a floating haunted house. Just being a creepy old ship, and a haunted attraction, make it worth mentioning on this site, but many of the employees there claim that it actually IS haunted. There have been claims of strange noises, shadow figures, props being turned on by themselves, and many of the workers feel they are being watched when no one else is around.
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