The USS Nightmare

Located right across the river in Newport, Ky, sits the USS Nightmare, a floating haunted house. Just being a creepy old ship, and a haunted attraction, make it worth mentioning on this site, but many of the employees there claim that it actually IS haunted. There have been claims of strange noises, shadow figures, props being turned on by themselves, and many of the workers feel they are being watched when no one else is around.

The USS Nightmare started out as the William S. Mitchell, an Army Corps of Engineers’ steam powered dredge. If you follow the link HERE to a history of the ship on the Nightmare’s webpage, you will find it tells of many deaths and other odd events back in the early days. However, when speaking to the current ‘Captain’, he states that while he can’t say for sure that no one ever died aboard the ship, there is no documentation saying that anyone actually did either.

The William S. Mitchell does have one claim to fame. In 1993, under flood conditions, it broke free of it’s moorings, floating down the Missouri river, hitting several bridges as it went. No one was aboard at the time, but the incident became known as ‘The Massacre on the Mitchell”. Pretty much trashed after it’s journey, it would have wound up in the scrap yard, but instead found new life as The USS Nightmare.

Haunted or not, it’s still a creepy, beat up old ship that doubles as a haunted house, so it’s worth checking out. A few paranormal groups in the area have ‘Investigated’ it, with varying results, but all claim to have experienced something or other. Check out their website HERE.



  1. I’ve been on the USS Nightmare twice. There was a lot of people there, so I can’t say if it’s haunted or not. Being in that place alone, preferably with one other person, would be awesome. (:

  2. was on it at halloween time… my cousin and his wife was with me we took the wrong turn and ended in a dark room yea we was scared but found our way out.. i called it the USS nightmare a joke

  3. I worked there during the Hallowe’en season one year; it was a *blast*! I got to play “Dr Death”, Chef Death”, “The Bride”…much much fun on that one, but the best had to be “Jason Vorhee’s Mother”…I wore a funk-y sweater and a wig, & climbed around the pipes in the boiler room, while in a shrill tone of voice shouting ” Jason?? Jason??!Where are you honey, JASON??!” It was all fun & games until one lady was actually *helping me look* for my “son”until his hockey-masked self swooped a raging chainsaw right above her head!! I felt really bad after she fell on the floor in fright..! But it was all in fun…riiiiiiiiiiight?

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