Boomerang’s is a little corner bar located in St. Bernard, that actually, wouldn’t seem creepy to most people. But, once you hear a little bit about it, you’ll view it in a whole new light. The owner, Wildman Walker, formerly of WEBN, and his employees say the bar is haunted by the ghosts of several people who had ties to the place.

    There is at least one known death in the building, a tenant is the apartment above the bar. He laid there dead for a week before his body was discovered. Two people who worked at the bar have passed away, though not on the property. And then there’s Shirley Daley, A woman who lived across the street, and was in the bar almost every day it was open. Always on the same stool, always ordering the same drink. She didn’t die in the bar either, but employees there are convinced she’s still making her daily visits.

    Why do the people at Boomerang’s believe some, or all, of these people are still hanging around? The normal reasons, like things being moved, or turned on or off, when the bar is closed and no one is there. Go have a look for yourself at 4501 Vine Street in St. Bernard, Ohio. Sit at the bar, on Shirley’s stool, and see if she’ll have a drink with you.


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