The Dunham Road House

    This house, located in Amelia, has been reputed for years to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who was killed there. Known as ‘The Dunham Road House’, there’s not a lot of information about it other than the basic back story. It’s said that it was once the home of the Tracy family, who ran a farm on the land back in the late 1700’s / early 1800’s. The little girls death supposedly happened in either 1802 or 1803, when so-called angry Indians raided the house, and for some reason, killed only her, apparently.

    Why were the Indians angry? Why did they kill only the little girl?  What happened to the invading Indians, or the rest of the family? If anyone knows, I haven’t found an explanation or more on the story anywhere. Speaking to neighbors a few years ago, they told stories of some of the alleged ghostly activity that occurred in the house during recent renovations. Shadows, door knobs flying off the doors and hitting those inside, voices, etc. They themselves claimed that the little girl visited them and caused mischief in their home as well.

    There’s at least one BIG problem with this legend though. It seems the house wasn’t actually even built until the year 1900….almost 100 years after it was said to have been raided by Indians. It’s possible there was another home there prior to that, perhaps in the exact same location, but it wasn’t THIS house.

    As with any location that is a private residence, the owners don’t want you out there looking around. There are clear ‘No Trespassing’ signs posted, and that portion of Dunham Road becomes a private driveway as well. The home, as I said, was recently renovated, so it’s not even a creepy old place worth looking at anyway. Stay away!


  1. My family owned this house before the renovation. I lived there with my brother and his then wife. While my brother swore there was a paranormal presence in the house, I never experienced anything that could be construed as paranormal in nature. By the way, only half of the house is over 100 years old, the other half having been constructed much more recently. I lived in the old half and, sorry, no ghosts.

  2. Me and a friend went to go check out this place because of the stories we have researched. This place has a happy family living in this house and there is no trespassing on this property. This place doesent appear to be haunted either.

  3. The legend of the “Indian attacks” goes way back,but the fact is I know a few things that have never been mentioned in all the years about the house.considering I grew up on the road,and was always around the property for probably most of my childhood days. The first thing is the family plot that has most of the first family that lived there is located to the east about 400 yards in a thick wooded area, including the gravesite of the young girl Margret Tracey who is thought to be the murdered child. Second the house was investigated by a few people that dealt with paranormal investigations,before it was glamorized by television, the one said definitely felt a presence of a youger person but could not really tell much, years later new family moved in and their was alot of activity going on,I personally saw their dogs whine and completey avoid going up the steps,and set and tremble looking towards the top of the steps and had that heightened sence someone was watching you all the time.It was said by a young female investigator she felt that a young girl is here,as she navigated through the house she could distinguish parts of the house as old and new,and by that there was many additions and renovations through the years,but she located the oldest part of the home and said that the young girl drowned in a well to the most nothwest corner of the house, and there is an old well spot now filled in with material just off of the spot she told, the interesting fact is that the investigator hadnever been to the residance and was not told of any info about the place,by the owners at a local area,They met and she followed them to the home to perform her investigation.

  4. This is so funny to read! I have lived in this house for over 2 years and I have not witnessed any paranormal activity.

  5. Hello. My family used to own this property and I lived there growing up and I can assure that there were weird things that happened when I lived there.

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