R.I.P. Carl Lawson

   Carl Lawson, the man who claimed to have become possessed while working and living at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, passed away on Jan. 27th, 2012, at the age of 53. His stories of ghostly encounters, not to mention his alleged possession and subsequent exorcism, are the basis for the popularity of Bobby Mackey’s in the paranormal community. Regardless of if you believe his tales or not, Carl is the reason Bobby Mackey’s is what it is today.


  1. I read that Carl was born in 1937, and died before his birthday this year, making him 74 when he died, not 53.

    I’m still kind of saddened that he’s gone, but a bit intrigued that there is a memorial to him in Bobby Mackey’s gift store. I’d really like to see it, and Bobby Mackey’s entire establishment some day.

  2. Dear Carl Lawson family and friends I just like to express my condolences to everyone who knew him I’m very sorry to hear of him passing and want you know my family is thinking of the family and friends I know you do not know me but I’ve got to know of Carl thru watching A Haunting and Ghost Adventures …… The Spear Family from Vermont

    • I saw the episode on Ghost Adventures,and I believe that Bobby Mackey’s music world is officially haunted.

  3. Your all just posting something now acting like you knew him, he passed away almost a year ago, quit watching so much television, so selfish and lazy… r.i.p my friend Carl

    • Why are you being so negative about people reaching out to share there prayers to his family and friends, including yourself, instead of thanking them for sharing? That’s truly sad 😔

  4. I’m sorry you feel that way Drew, some people get to know people through tv, if he was your friend then you should be honored that people who just found out are paying their respect, your the selfish one. Get a life and live the life you were given, and I’m sending my condolences also to Bobby Mackey, his wife and family and friends of Carl Lawson, I’m sure they’d understand that not everyone got the word.

  5. After watching last weeks episode of Ghost Adventures, October 19th, 2012, I discovered that Carl Lawson had passed away. Though I didn’t personally know him, I will pray for his family and friends that lost their loved one. R.I.P. Carl. May Angels give you wings and guide your immortal soul to Heaven.

  6. Do you think the demon killed him? RIP Carl I know your with GOD now and the evil can’t find you no one.

  7. To set the story straight I’m the guy who found and opened the well at Bobby Mackeys in 1994 for the t v show encounters I still have to video if you want to hear the real story look me up..lone,carter@yahoo. Com

  8. I just watched bobby mackey after math from living dead of fourman brothers..and they spoke to carl lawson at micheal and mikel s house..and its sounds like carl has joined the bobby mackey ghosts residents..but at the end the fourman got them leaved..its was good..

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