Chambers Road House

   Chambers Rooad House (49)

***Update: The Chambers Road House has been torn down***

   The abandoned house on Chambers Road, south of Cincinnati in Walton, Kentucky, has been the source of ghost stories for several years. Sitting back off the road, in shambles, lawn over grown, a barn sitting in disrepair nearby, this is the perfect setting for a scary story. The true history of the house is unknown at this time, but like any house in this Chambers Rooad House (28)condition, there’s a few stories floating around about it. Well, really the same story, but with a few variations.

Supposedly, at some point 20 years or more ago, a man and wife lived here with one or 3 children (depends on which version you hear). He was said to have a mental disorder of some of some kind, and eventually snapped. In some versions of the tale, he shot and killed his whole family there in the house before killing himself. Others say he took them all out to the barn and killed them there, along with all the horses. Still others say at least one child tried to get away, but the father chased them down and killed them in a tunnel near the house.

Those that explore the area now claim they hear screams, gun shots, even the horses. There are reports of apparitions in all 3 locations, those of the family running, and of the father chasing after them.

I explored the house, barn, and tunnel, all without incident. There is “something’ splattered on the wall in one of the bedrooms that is supposedly blood. Well, it’s reddish anyway, but I can’t say for sure that it is or isn’t blood. The place is a mess, if you check it out yourself, be cautious. And try not to piss Dad off while your there!


  1. I’ve personally have been at this house at night with friend and family and in fact I have pictures of the ol man staring at us from the top window of the barn… Not sure of the history but I do know that it is haunted …. Have a couple more pics of orbs and a horse …. Very very scary

  2. Hi, I want to go to the house sometime soon? Can my friends and I just park and walk up? Are the cops strict?

    • I just parked in the driveway and checked it out, but I’m not recommending anyone else go inside. Enter at your own risk.

  3. I lived in walton on stephenson mill rd for over ten years as a child and my brother used to take me to this house alot. Once he took me there at night and being funny he left me there while he dared me to go in the house. I freaked out and tripped and thats when i heard a man say “you cant hide.” I was scared solid and when I looked back there was a shadowy figure standing in the corner and one i stood up to run away i heard “help daddy.” I never been that uncomfortable in my life. I ran and came back the next day, well, dragged back by my awesome brother, and investigated the tunnel. Nothing unusual except the putred smell of decay. My neighbors who were well in their eightys then told me a man with ptsd from world war 2 came home to his wife and three daughters and lost it when a neighbor accidently shot his oldest daughter while she was riding her horse in the woods and killed her. She said after her burial the man and wife got into a bitter arguement about the horses so he beat her and tied her up in…

  4. The barn and went back and strangled his remaining daughters in thier sleep. As he did that his wife freed herself, seen what he was doing and took off running toward the tunnel. He seen her and caught her in the tunnel and smashed her face with a rock. My neighbor said she knew the family and said it was the most unexpected murder she ever heard of. The man Commited suicide after a brief man hunt in waltons woods by slitting his own throat in a undisclosed location. The haunting is real there. I went back a year or so ago and seen shadows moving and felt that same uncomfort i did ten plus years prior.

  5. I went and checked it out last night. I never found the house. i did find the barn. However, I was really creeped out. I thought I may go by and explore during the day.
    I felt an uncomfortble presence when I went into the barn,

  6. I went and checked it out last night with my girlfriend and our friends Jaci and Nathan. We were in the basement, on her evp app she recorded a female voice saying murder, and mine recorded help me.

  7. A couple friends and myself went to the house last night… it is real!! We had evp and cameras. We caught some scary stuff! We were all in the basement asking questions and when it got quiet there was a loud bang like someone or something threw something down the stairs… that wasn’t even the worst of the night. The barn is really scary!!! I was uncomfortable the whole time. In there we caught a loud bang in one of the horse stables, on evp when my friend ask for it to say her name clear as day you could hear her name! As we walked out of the barn we heard very loud footsteps running at us from inside. We went back in and about 3 seconds in something (believed to be a rock) was thrown right in front of us!! We took off! I plan to go back next weekend…

  8. me and some of my coworkers whent there last night and well we didn’t make it in the house before it started. we whent to the back of the house just to check out the surroundings before going in, we were just standing there and bang it sounded like eather a car door or a trunk being closed. we went back to were we parked and there was nothing. as we were standing buy the cars the one coworker was touched not once not twice but three times on the neck. the whole time it felt like there was 5 more people staring and standing right behind us… she was scared so we went… we goto a fast food restaurant and her card in her trunk was out and the expreation date was 1949 now… she got the card yesterday …. we are going back doing the day… were told its the same tho … this place is for real and we will be back to catch proof.

  9. me and some buddies went out there a couple nights ago and this place is no joke! within 5 minutes I had felt touched and collectivity we had experiences of being touched, hearing things such as muffled screams, shadows large and small. the shadows could be from the children and the adults. the only downside to this place is that it is overgrown and hard to get into. also just driving along it is very easy to miss, since it is grownover. however it is worth checking out at night. the feelings are crazy there as well as there is an eerie sense that you are continuously being watched by something that is just out of sight.

  10. I live on Chambers and im constantly hearing about the stuff going on there! I have been in there once during the day and even then I have a sketchy sense. I’ve lived here for 13 years, being 15 now, im terrified. Its horrible to go past it every time just to get to my house or go to school! This weekend im going there with a group of friends, reading these comments make my stomach sink. I’ll come back and share details! (:

  11. We went last sunday during the day but we didn’t hear or see anything, I guess you have to go at night. I know it would really be scarey at night !

  12. I have been to the chambers road house many times. The place definitely has a story. My friends and I have heard gun shots bangs and in the barn I have heard footsteps walking toward me then they stopped before it got too close. I believe it is the man who killed his family. I don’t get an angry feeling from him as much as I get a depressed lonely vibe. The man is in there and the haunting is real ! Also I believe there is another man who didn’t live in the home but I believe he is a land spirit which is a spirit that attatches itself to a piece of land. If anyone ever sees a dark colored man with a straw hat and raggedy clothing I believe his name is Andy and he may have been a slave and worked on this land. Chambers road is a creepy place and I suggest anyone who goes there does not tear up the house or disrespect anything on that land or you will be sorry ! This is the best place in Nky to get your creepy fix !

  13. I was doing my research on the house via the internet but really found nothing about the father losing it, but I did find that on June 4th, 1976, a white female aged 16y/o was found dead across from the house with fatal injuries from a blunt object to the back of her skull. The case is still cold!

    Until recently, I reviewed some police reports from the house dating back to the early 70’s. What was said to have happened there truly did happen. A man by the name of Thomas Oldham hacked his infant daughter to death in her crib in the room where the whale wall paper is with a hatchet. He continued to slay his entire family, killing 2 of his daughters in the front room near the basement; both were hacked with the said hatchet and executed with a .30-06 hunting rifle. He shot his wife dead in the small room by the front door right in the entryway, and his last daughter was running through the tunnel away from the house when she too was shot down near the opening of the tunnel closest to the house. He continued into his barn, killing all of his horses before hanging himself from the upper level of the barn on a rafter near the end of the barn. The photos in the report show the exact locations of the bodies and Oldham himself hanging from the second to last rafter in the barn. It contains photos of the horses, the weapons used in the murders, and blood discharges throughout the house. There was no motive for the killings and Oldham had no psychological issues prior to the events.

    Everytime I get anywhere near the house or the tunnel I feel a heavy force lay upon my shoulders. I will never forget my first time at the house there was a hobo sleeping in the very last stall on the left side of the barn!!! Just last night, we went there and sat in the barn. We could hear scratching noises and twigs snapping all around us and an eerie presence took us over and our eyes began to tear up. We all had strong feelings of empathy and sadness, and at the same time we felt as if we were being watched by an unseen force. We then made our way to the basement and huddled up as a group and closed our eyes. We all could faintly hear what we described as shuttering and footsteps walking back and forth the upstairs level of the house. If you go to the house expecting to hear or see something, you will get nothing out of it. But if you go to the house and just listen in silence for hours on end, it is definitely worth the trip.

    481 Chambers Road is definitely without a doubt haunted.

  14. Went through the house and the barn. Even though it has a creepy feeling and the house is in disarray we found no evidence of it being haunted

  15. I personally know the owner. It has been in his family for many many years. Despite the rumors, nothing went on in this house. They quit maintaining it in the mid 1990s. Although the storeies always pop up, they are all false. I love a good ghost story but this one is false.

  16. We went to what we thought was the creepy house on Chambers Road today. Google took us to 481 Chambers Road, but the house didn’t look the same as the picture. I am assuming time as well as vandalism has taken its toll, but I am not sure we were in the right place.
    It was myself, my Daughter and my Son-in-law. All three of us had completely different sensations when we got there. I got out of the car and felt a heaviness, but I can’t even describe what it was. I guess it was like there was a presence there but I can’t put it into words. My son-in-law walked up to the house to look in the doorway and he felt as though he was being drawn into it. My daughter was right behind him who said her body felt hot and felt angry out of nowhere. We have pictures we can upload if needed….they didn’t look like the inside of this house. None of us were comfortable enough to go into the basement and there was no possible way to get to the barn unless you were brave enough to battle snakes.(I really wanted to go into the barn!!!!). The weeds are completely overgrown.
    So if anyone knows if the right address is 481 Chambers Road, please let me know. It was right before the tunnel going toward US-25. If it’s not, let me know where it really is because we want to check it out!!!
    I can’t really say it’s creepy. It has a dark sense about it, but I wasn’t creeped out….oh except for the giant vulture-looking bird sitting in the house on a beam when they looked in the door…it was pretty angry so we stayed outside for the rest of the time we were there. As we were leaving, the bird flew out of the house and followed us until we reached the other side of the tunnel.

  17. […] 3. The Chambers Road House – An old, deserted house sitting back off the road, with a history of murder? Who wouldn’t want to go in? I spent a few hours there a couple of years ago, and while I didn’t run into any murderous ghosts, I did leave feeling kinda creeped out. I don’t know who owns it, or if they will prosecute you if they catch you in there, but I didn’t have any problems when I was there. See the house without risk of jail time Here. […]

  18. I went and visited this house with my friends and brothers. Honestly it was one of the creepiest things ive ever seen. As soon as you walk in you get a really cold feeling. The place is a reck but that is mainly from people coming in and destroying it. When I was there I drove my car by tunnel where the son was killed, me and my friend were parked by it waiting on my brothers. When I started moving my car all the sudden me and my friend could here a chainsaw coming from under the car. We had no idea how that noise was possible because we couldn’t find anyone around us. My brothers came running because they heard it to. Then when we left, my friend took some pictures on her phone and in one of the pictures was a mans white face clear as day standing behind her. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. I will go visit it again soon though because I am very interested in the paranormal beings.

  19. I own the plantation house on the other side of the tunnel. It was at one time part of the same property as 481. The barn, before it burned, was identical to the two barns on my property. Any ghost stories about Ellis Farms and/or the plantation house?

  20. Hey guys, don’t waste your time on this place anymore…its gone. The barn and house have both been demolished. Such a loss.

  21. Went down there to the tunnels tonight at 2:30 A.M. and even though the house and barn are both burned down, a lot of activity still remains. we was several sightings of shadow in the tunnel. I didnt pay much attention to the house but when you do look at it, you can still tell the house is still haunted even though its burned down. lots of sightings in the tunnel and a couple unexplained noises. the last one had us all flouring it out of the tunnel. the sound of something quickly knocking on something on the body of my jeep. Ive been by even before everything was destroyed (house and barn) and many other uncomfortable and very strange incidences have happened. we saw a man figure in the basement door entrance, constantly see and hear weird things even orbs of light at times in the tunnel. One thing had me very concerned when i went through the tunnel. when i go in the tunnel i turn my lights off and make a lot of noise. rev the engine, blow the horn and maybe chirp tires. anything to get it active. one day after going in and making a big racket in the tunnel i saw the center peace where my radio sits in shut off radio and everything the panel went black ( at this point i was sitting in the tunnel with my parking lights running). It was creepy as hell but still continue to explore the area

  22. NOTICE: I just drove up to Chambers tonight about an hour ago and it had been burnt down. Not sure how it was burnt but all that’s left is the chimney and the foundation of the basement which is now filled with ash. Also noticed what looked to be a trip wire in the middle of the driveway stretching across the entire path about mid calf in height. Can’t I’m imagine what else it could have been but who knows?

  23. Sorry to say nothing crazy went on in that house. I personally know the Worleys all or them plus there parents we use to ride hoses there. They stayed in that little farm house while the one behind it up on the hill was getting built.

  24. We went by today to take some pictures (last time we went was a few months ago) and it had been burned down. Horse barn was burned down a few months ago as well 😦

  25. Yeah i live right next to the tunnel. And one time me and my friends parked in the tunnel at night and turned off all the lights and turned the car off. We sat there for only a little bit and then we heard whispering. Then we saw a shadow figure towards the front of the car. Then we heard screaming. It literally sounded like something from a scary movie. We all started panicking and tried to leave but the car wouldnt start. Thats when my girlfriend starting busting out in tears. Eventually the car started and we left. But thats not even the scariest part. When we got to my friends garage we looked at the car. There were hand prints everywhere, even on the door handles. But i watched the house and the barn burn down, and thats something scary in its own. It was raining when they burnt down. Both of them.

  26. I live a couple miles down the road from the house. I have explored it as well as the barn countless times and have never experienced anything, but i have heard stories from friends that will blow your mind. I was actually on my way to school while the house was burned down. The only creepy thing that has ever happened to me was finding a child’s toy 3-wheeler in the barn, probably doesn’t mean anything but i can’t help being a little creeped out by the irony.

  27. This place is haunted!!! My girlfiend and me went out to this location for the first time over the weekend, we have recording of a mans voice through the tunnel growling and right after that we say we are scared, we feel something was there. We was recording to the barn location and when looking through our vidoes at home, no recording of anything closre to the barn. In our recordings we also heard what seem to be someone hanging from a rope. The tunnel I would say for sure is where all the activity seem to take place.

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  29. So I did some research years ago and found that while nothing seems tp have happened in the house, there is actually a cold case involving the tunnel. Specifically the patch of grass along the road just outside the tunnel right on the other side of the street from the house. A teenage girl was found dead there with blumt force trauma to the skull. She was last seen with a similarly aged boy with long blonde hair… Im sure that the activity you all experience has to do with her.

  30. Ive went to visit this place once before, when we got to the tunnel we slowed down since we knew thats where it all started, (for us). I can remember as we was driving under the tunnel, the energy changed instantly….. I could feel it in my gut something bad had happened there, it scared me how fast and instant the energy had changed, like it pierced through my stomach flowing through my entire body. the house was gone by that time and the barn was covered up by grass so much my friends and i had walked right passed it. Once we did find it, we recorded the whole thing. I remember when i walked in i could hear a low deep (quiet) growl. Im fascinated by the paranormal world, so it didnt bother me, it had excited me to even be able to hear such a thing!! Once i got to the middle of the barn i could hear bells ringing. (i was the only one to hear it) we only stayed inside about 10 minutes. Once we was at a gas station we decided to listen to the recording. On there we could hear the growling from when we first walked in, it had also picked up the bells that only i was able to hear, and when we was exiting the barn there was another growl, but it was a much deeper evil growl. (nobody heard that one while we was there!!) that was the only paranormal experience ive ever encountered. Ive wanted to go back to the chambers house ever since!
    Most definitely worth going to check out if its still standing!

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