The Top 10 Hauntings and legends in and Around Cincinnati


Everyone has their favorite ‘haunt’, that place they think of when someone mentions ghosts or hauntings, or that place they used to take their friends for a scare when they were kids. But what are the most popular spots? Cincinnati certainly has plenty of supposedly haunted or evil locations to choose from, but which are the most popular?

I decided to check out the stats for the site, and have to admit, I was surprised at what the top 10 locations were. Some places that I thought would be in the top 5 didn’t even make the list! So anyway, here’s the 10 most viewed locations on

10. Harrison Avenue Dead Mans Curve – I’m really surprised this one made the list. This isn’t a place you normally hear a lot about, but then again, that may be why it’s looked up as much as it is….it’s not that well known. I was there a few years ago, and didn’t run into anything ghostly, but check it out yourself. You can read about it Here.

9. Lick Road – I thought this would would rate higher. Lick Road and the Legend of Amy is one of those legends just about everyone in Cincinnati has heard of, and probably checked out themselves. There are a few variations on the story of what happens if you go there, depending on who you ask, but every version involves Amy. She’s certainly the most famous “ghost” in Cincinnati. Read about Amy Here.

8. Witch Hill/ The Witches Tree – I found this one to be pretty boring myself, but the tree was long gone by the time I decided to go check it out. This is another one of those legends that has a different story depending on who you ask, but also one that most people, especially in Northern Kentucky, have heard. By the way, if anyone has a picture of the tree before it was cut down, please, send us a copy…we’ll give you the credit for it. Read about the now gone tree Here.

7. The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road – There are probably hundreds of so called screaming bridges around the county, and ours makes the list at number 7. I’ve been here several times, and though I’ve never seen a ghost train or heard a crying baby, it’s still one of my favorites. Check it out Here.

6. Satan’s Hollow – I thought this would be number one, it’s my favorite anyway. Having explored the tunnels, I can say its one of the creepiest places around, but you’re not gonna find any Satan worshippers running around in there. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. The property owners are pretty fed up with people coming to explore the tunnels, and they will prosecute for trespassing if they catch you. Play it safe and just look at some pictures Here.

5. The Buffalo Ridge Crematorium – This is another well known haunt, but for all the wrong reasons. No, it was NOT a crematorium, it was an observatory that was started but never completed. Unfortunately the ruins there are gone now, they’ve been buried and trees planted on the spot. I assume to keep kids from hanging out in the woods there. Read more about the site and see some old pictures Here.

4. Clermont County Dead Mans Curve – This is another haunting we’ve checked out several times, but never with any results. A lot of people have reported seeing the faceless Hitchhiker along this stretch of road, but I haven’t heard of anyone offering to pick him up. Poor guy. Read about him Here.

3. The Chambers Road House – An old, deserted house sitting back off the road, with a history of murder? Who wouldn’t want to go in? I spent a few hours there a couple of years ago, and while I didn’t run into any murderous ghosts, I did leave feeling kinda creeped out. I don’t know who owns it, or if they will prosecute you if they catch you in there, but I didn’t have any problems when I was there. See the house without risk of jail time Here.

2. The Devils Church – We’ve been here several times over the years, and something out of the ordinary happens EVERY time. There’s a lot of stories about satanists and such here, none of which I believe, but I’ve still had some creepy experiences there regardless. In all the times I’ve been there, I still don’t have a picture of the so called church…something always interferes. Read about it Here.

And the number 1 most popular location here at Creepy Cincinnati is…….

Handlebar Ranch (AKA Munchkinville, AKA Tiny Town, AKA Munchkin Town)
This place doesn’t have anything to do with ghost or Satanists, just pissed off little people. Sadly, Handlebar Ranch was torn down awhile ago, but just about everyone has a story from their childhood about it. Some about riding the hayride there, but most about ringing the bell in the middle if the night to see if the little folk would come out and start throwing rocks at them. While there weren’t actually any little people living there, the Urban Legend that grew from the tiny houses there is so popular that this is our #1 location at Creepy Cincinnati. Read about it Here, and leave us your stories about it and the other locations in the comments section.



  1. There is a place over here in Indiana called Bear Creek Cemetery. I thibk its in Ripley County. Not for sure but I know how to drive right to it. Its an old german cemetery out in the middle of nowhere said to be haunted. If anybody wants to go see it just contact me or on facebook with this email also

  2. What about The Light on Oxford-Milford Road in Oxford, Ohio? The legend is that a biker was going to pick up his girlfriend and her all-clear signal to him was to flash the headlights of her father’s car three times. He would then come down the road to pick her up. Apparently, he missed the turn and crashed, killing himself. If you go to the dogleg in the road, and flash your headlights, a single headlight will appear and start heading your direction. I did this once in high school and it actually worked. Seriously.

    • My son is 22 an we live close to oxford an he has been to the oxford lite several times with several DIFFERANT encounters with a lite chasing their car an wen they stop an back up the lite goes out an there’s not a car person or anything there!! An when they go ahead an drive foward the lite chases em again CREEPY He says!!

      • What about the haunted factory past kings island been their many of times, its really scary, it has the clock tower an its got three floors, we always went late really dark roads, had to go down hill around sharp curvs lots of santanic writings all over all the walls, got in troble a few times cops got us, part of factory still is used, one time we was on thrd floor an had big holes that went all way down r o first floor, a friend almost fell thru, thank god he didn’t. I wish I could remember the name of that place, by far it was the scaryest place I’d ever been an we went like 6 times and always had crazy things happen its a really big place to..

    • I love this one! There is no explanation for what you do see, but it has happened every time I’ve been there. Creepy!!

    • The factory is the powder factory or so we called it and supposedly back in the day they used to ship gun powder through there. Well I guess it caught on fire or there was an explosion and a bunch of people died along with a few dogs. I went there and I could see dogs eyes in the dark and we heard howls. That place was creepy.

  3. MUNCHKIN Town was very real. And that story is not true. There was little people who lived there. I know because I have seen them with my own eyes. When I was in high school 14 years ago. My older brother told me one night on his way to a party he drove by this place an there were a bunch of little people outside dancing to crazy circus music and riding on hayrides. He said stopped to ask them for directions an they picked up rocks an through them at his car. Me being only 17 at the time me and my friends wanted to see if it was true or if he was pulling our leg so me an 4 of my friends drove there. We pulled up it was quiet and creepy looking just because of the little houses. Anyways I dared 2 of my friends to walk up an knock on the door. So they did as the rest of us watched an after they knocked 3 little people that were about 4 foot tall opened the door an chased them yelling at them an some little old women was hitting them with a broom. Needless to say my brother wasn’t lying. Later on I found out they had a guard that they hired to run off people because know one would leave them alone. After they moved I talked with the sheriff in Colerain he said they moved them to a safe place because they were scared to live there because of people harassing them. So that’s why there not there anymore. So therefore Munchkin town was not just a myth or a made up story. People who have seen them no better…

  4. Hey, I enjoyed reading but had difficulty with the links. It kept coming up as private. Just giving you a heads up, thanks!

  5. My brother bought a house in Price Hill and i stayed in his basement. Odd things would happen and stories were told, but just not too seriously. The company I was working for did the remodeling work. I called one of my co workers some time after that and shyly admited that I think the place was haunted. After a bit of silence, he said, “Boy, you don’t have to tell me that. I started down those steps and every hair on my body stood on end. I’ll never step foot in that house again.”
    Although I can’t remember the exact time, I would wake up at precisely the same time, check the clock, then fall back asleep, thinking it was my mental clock. One night while drinking with my brother, I went to be 20 minutes before that time. I was in that state between awake and sleep when I felt 3 strong nudges on my shoulder. Thinking it was a muscle spasm, I just turned over. Then 3 more nudges, followed by three more. I freaked.
    One night, my girlfriend at the time came over and we were watching a movie and she started to dose off, when all of a sudden she jumped up, grabbed her coat and shoes ( it was January) yelling “Get me the f*%# out of here. I get to my car and she is waiting, barefoot to get in. On the drive to her place, she described a girl looking into the curtain like she wanted permission to enter the room.
    I moved out, but 1 year later, my brother called freaking out. His wife saw the same girl. She described the hair, clothes, age, appearance exactly how I was told from the girlfriend.
    I didn’t check the clock, but it was relatively close to the time I was awakened.

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