The Witches Tree / Witch Hill


The Witches Tree
The Witches Tree

The Witches Tree, also called Witch Hill, is an urban legend from just south of Cincinnati in Alexandria, Kentucky. For the most part, this legend is dead, as the tree in question was cut down a few years ago. The story goes that sometime in the 17oo’s or 1800’s, 3 women living somewhere around here (some say Cincinnati, some Newport) were caught doing something or other witchy, and escaped down the Ohio river before the locals could get ahold of them.

They then went down the Licking River a bit, then ditched their boat and hid out there for a few weeks before they were finally found. They were all hung from the tree at the same time, but before dying, they cursed the tree and anyone who disrespected it or tried to cut it down. When they died, their bodies vanished, and 3 small hills (more like humps) popped up.

Supposedly there were those that tried to cut the tree down over the years, but to no avail. Axes would break, chainsaws wouldn’t work, etc. And those that tried would end up in an early grave themselves.

It’s a pretty good story, but the reality is that the tree was eventually cut down without any problems, there’s nothing but a patch of grass where the tree used to stand. There have been various reports and stories of strange happenings here over the years, the most prominent story being that if you try to take pictures of the area, they will not turn out. But as you can see from the pictures featured here, that part of the legend appears to be untrue.

Thanks to Christie Rigney for sending us these pictures of the tree, taken in 2002. It was long gone when we decided to go check it out, and these are the first pictures we’ve seen of it.

Can you visit this location?

This is a public road, but use caution when there and don’t block traffic.


  1. […] 8. Witch Hill/ The Witches Tree – I found this one to be pretty boring myself, but the tree was long gone by the time I decided to go check it out. This is another one of those legends that has a different story depending on who you ask, but also one that most people, especially in Northern Kentucky, have heard. By the way, if anyone has a picture of the tree before it was cut down, please, send us a copy…we’ll give you the credit for it. Read about the now gone tree Here. […]

  2. The tree was to cut down, it was uprooted and put next to a church. You should probably do way more research before putting some things on here.

    • Cut down, uprooted…what’s the frigging difference? The point, which is made pretty clear, is that the tree is gone and story is bullshit.

      • Yes the story is probably false, but the whole it was uprooted it because “something bad happened” when people tried to cut it down.

      • My grandpa actually lived close to that tree we would go see it and there were 3 bumps also in the ground and i can tell u rn that this story is true

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