Satan’s Hollow

Satans Hollow

Satan’s Hollow is one of the best known, but least seen, urban legends around here. It is a series of drainage tunnels located in Blue Ash, Ohio, where a group of Satanists supposedly used to meet in some type of altar room, and conduct their rituals. These rituals included holding dark mass, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, and conjuring. They must have been pretty good, because the legend claims they managed to open a doorway to hell and summon Satan himself. Screams can be heard at night, and there have been many sightings of various apparitions, including floating skulls and a demon, commonly known as the Shadow Man. He is some kind of hall monitor from hell, left here by Satan to guard these tunnels. The shadow man is said to appear in the form of a human, only completely blacked out, hence his name.

While these tunnels certainly are creepy, they aren’t very big. Aside from the area when you enter the tunnel system, you pretty much have to stay hunched over to get through, and they get smaller as you go. The path to the so called Altar Room is a long one, and obviously, since these are storm water drainage tunnels, they are slightly inclined, which makes moving through them even harder. So unless these Satanists are actually the relocated residents of Munchkinville, and strong ones at that, I don’t think they were dragging too many human sacrifices through here. Regardless, by far one the creepiest places around.

Can you visit this location?

No. The tunnels are private property. As far as we know, its ok to be in the wood here, but not the tunnels themselves. Also, though there aren’t any ‘No Trespassing’ sign posted anywhere around the woods that we know of, obey them if you see them, property owners could put them up at any time.


    • I saw a video on the web from a series that i guess was on the BIO Channel. It showed Zips Printing Company in Bethel , Ohio and it supposedly is a demon possessed building and it might be a place to call and see if the owners might let you check it out.

  1. […] 6. Satan’s Hollow – I thought this would be number one, it’s my favorite anyway. Having explored the tunnels, I can say its one of the creepiest places around, but your not gonna find any Satan worshippers running around in there. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. The property owners are pretty fed up with people coming to explore the tunnels, and they will prosecute for trespassing if they catch you. Play it safe and just look at some pictures Here. […]

  2. Ive made it to the Altar room. Pretty lame if you ask me. Not worth the long, hunched trek. But definitely adventureous. It is located behind the closed KMart on Hunt Road in Blue Ash. Walk to the town houses, the road that runs through the complex leads to a residential play ground thats quite creepy itself. The path by the basketball/tennis court leads to the large creek. Walk upstream.

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