A Map of the Tri-States most haunted places

Here’s a map put together by WCPO’s Maxim Alter of several of the areas creepy or haunted locations. This is a great resource for visiting the local haunts (especially since I usually forget to post directions on here). BUT…we don’t endorse trespassing at these or any other location. Always get permission before stepping on private property.

Let’s Talk About the Devil’s Church

The devils church

Hidden in the woods in Clermont County, in an area called Peaceful Valley, sits what is referred to as The Devil’s Church. Some say it’s an old warehouse that’s now used by Satanists, others that it’s a house, and when you drive up to it, there is always candles burning in the windows, the number of which is equal to the number of people in your vehicle. Add to that the claims that if you go looking for the church after dark, you will be chased off by those that worship there, or in some cases, they will try to take you…makes for a pretty creepy story.

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Reader Submission: Haunted Train Ride at the Cincinnati Zoo?

These pictures come to us from Rebeckah. She was on the train at the Cincinnati Zoo during the Festival of Lights in 2010, and noticed something in some pictures taken during the ride. Here’s what she says about it.

I’m not sure if you try to prove or disprove any submissions that are made but I will give you as much detail as I can remember. It was very cold that night and when the pictures were taken and we were riding on the train. The first picture is the one taken that my daughter is facing the camera and the second was taken a few seconds later. Many who have seen these agree that it almost looks like a figure sitting next to me with it’s arm around me and I’ll admit I got creeped out then I got home and first loaded the pictures off of the digital camera. I’ve heard that the zoo is believed to be haunted but other than the pictures themselves I don’t recall any unusual occurrences or feelings from that night.