The Allendale Train Tunnel


   The Allendale train tunnel is located south of Cincinnati, in the woods behind the Allendale trailer park in Elsmere, Kentucky. Some years ago, legend says a man hung himself from a hook that is set above the tunnel entrance. Now, his ghost is said to walk the tunnel, or some say, appear still hanging from the hook. There are also reports of disembodied voices, as well as screams coming from inside the tunnel.

   There is sometimes confusion with finding it because it’s known as a train tunnel. No train runs through it. It’s actually a tunnel for the stream that runs under the tracks. To reach it, you must enter the woods, travel down a hill, and follow a stream to reach the location. Heavily spray painted and littered, it’s obviously been a teen hangout for years.

   There is a hook above both entrances, so at least that part of the legend is true, But who knows if anyone hung themselves from either one. Good luck finding it, it can be a pain to get to.

20 thoughts on “The Allendale Train Tunnel

  1. My local Paranormal Investigation team (Queen City Ghost Hunters) and I investigated this place. We have several photos of orbs and such, video quality was shit so the recordings are garbage, and we all heard footsteps in the water while inside the tunnel. Legend has it that a man hung himself, but we picked up on multiple presences, not just one. I can’t say what it is or why the place is haunted, but there is definetly something going on down there!

    1. Ive been told that many Indians were barried there, not to mention the trailor park that has a part with the tunnel is also haunted. Random trailors burning down. Also many other people have commited suicide on the hooks attached to the tunnel. A woman hung herself on the opposite side of the Tunnel where the Man supposing to be named Jacob Space.

  2. I lived here when I was a kid about 15 or so years ago. Back then you could actually get on top of the tunnel by the entrance, there was less overgrowth. People were saying a man hung himself from that hook back when I was a kid too. Dunno if it’s true or not. I used to play in that tunnel all the time. It looks different than it did when I was a kid. It still looks creepy though. I spent 5 or so years in that trailer park. I eventually moved to Newport.

    I also remember an old tree house up in a big tree that we could never get too. Wonder if it’s still there…

    1. Hey Jeff, I remember we could walk to the top of the tunnel too would jump off the top of the tunnel into the water as kids haha. I remember the tree house too!! It was really high up close to the top of the hill.

      1. My brothers and I spent a lot of time in that tunnel. I can only remember a few times that we were down there after all these years. I may go back there one day.

        The tree house was missing the boards that you could climb when I was a kid, so we couldn’t get up there. They may have tore it down by now.

        Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I forgot the name of this website. You may not get a chance to read this, but it was good meeting and talking to someone who grew up where I did.🙂

      1. I remember you. I didn’t realize it until I saw your last name. Your brother’s name is Chris, I think, right?

  3. My aunt talks to spirits so I asked if she would go down there with me at night to go and ask the spirit if it knew anything about a death that occurred in my family recently in the park. When we went down there my aunt said a prayer to protect us from any spirit from following us home. We sat on the other side of the tunnel (which isn’t visible in the pic). She got up after a few moments of silence and went into the tunnel for about 2 minutes. When she came out she said she felt a female and male presence. She said that the female presence was protecting us from the male presence. The male presence was obviously the man who hung himself but the female presence was a woman named Margret that was buried on the 0ther side of the train tracks in the 1800’s after she was murdered. When I ask Margret questions I could kind of feel an answer but I wasn’t sure so I ask my aunt who gave me the answer from Margret. Margret said that the male presence regretted killing himself and was looking for a way to be human again which freaked me out. Margret said to not go down there at night without my aunt and if, which I don’t think I will, I go down there in the day to say a prayer like ” god protect me” or something like that.

  4. I live right by here if anyone is interested in going I can give directions or show you. I used to play in it as kids and while we personally never saw anything, there could be something. It was fun to play in it and in the woods though.

      1. If you go on east covered bridge drive in elsmere/florence kentucky, there is a path in the woods at the end of the street, go down the path and turn left and walk for a bit and you should see it, you can also get the other end of the tunnel through allendale trailer park, hope this helps.

  5. I used to go back there all the time when I lived in Erlanger. I swear I seen a ghost or something sitting on the ledge thing for like a split second and he/she turned his head, noticed us and disappeared. But that was a few years ago when I was like 8 so no one believed me.
    People would hang dolls from the hook. definetly wanna go back there soon.

  6. I just recently moved into the trailer park. Some people that grew up there showed it to us, it’s really pretty around there. I didn’t know about all of the creepy stuff until after I had already went. I didn’t see anything, however a friend swears he seen a little girl on a seperate occasion I think some ghost hunters should check it out!

  7. I just went down there the other day walked through the tunnel and on the way back through there were barefoot prints that were not there going through the other way. There is definitely paranormal activity.

  8. Can someone please point out on Google Maps exactly where this tunnel is? You can’t really see anything for the trees.

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