Witch Hill / The Witches Tree

Spot where tree used to stand

The Witches Tree, also called Witch Hill, is an urban legend from just south of Cincinnati in Alexandria, Kentucky. For the most part, this legend is dead, as the tree in question was cut down a few years ago. The story goes that three witches were hung from this tree. But, before the hanging, they placed a curse on the tree, or rather against anyone that dares to spit on, or cut down, said tree. Obviously, the curse didn’t do much good, since the tree no longer stands. There are also three large humps in the road leading up to the tree, these are said to be where the witches are buried. If so, they must have been some pretty hefty witches. There have been various reports and stories of strange happenings here over the years, the most prominent story being that if you try to take pictures of the area, they will not turn out. As you can see from the pictures featured here, that part of the legend appears to be untrue as well.


  1. Have just heard of the rumors. I investigate said rumors such as these and I would love to visit there sometime, true or not. Is this the only information that you have? I would love to dive deeper into the story behind this. Who hung them? What were their names? (If this actually happened).

  2. It is definitely cut down now. I took a girl to see it about 9-10-11 years ago, and it was gone. I probably would’ve gotten some action if it was still there…haha. But no, before they cut the tree down, it was definitely a very spooky little road trip to make. Telling the story as you drove toward it, then there were 3 bridges, then 3 humps in the road, then BAM, the crazy-ass tree… It was pretty cool.

  3. It’s in the church grounds now because the were scared to completely get rid of it. I went late 2012. Its chained to another tree to keep standing.

  4. why is the grass still there inthe middle of the road. that’s creepy. my husband from the area and he said that tree and stuff was creepy

  5. My family still live on that road not far from it… legend is that there were 3 witches were chased out there during the 1700/1800 when there were found to be doing. Witch craft in a near by village ( depending on who you speak with some say Cincinnati some say newport some say Covington) but they fled down the Ohio by canoe and detoured down the licking ( one of 3 rivers that flows north instead of south in the world) once they found a spot to dump the boat the fled on foot. Villiagers weeks later tracked them down amd hung the from the tree (what is now known as the witches tree). As they were hung simultaneously ( so no one got cursed specifically) the 3 witches used their dying breath to curse the tree amd anyone one who dared disreapect ,cut it down, ect…after they died, the ropes stayed but the witches were gone, and 3 large hills arose… due to the untimely death and the angery by which they died the hills grew large due to the magic they clung to.

    Now of course folk have attempted to cut it down and stories have claimed that the chain saw just wouldnt cut, or the axe head on a brand new axe just shattered on the first hit or the handle broke… while if you looked at the tree people had painted it or attempted to cut it and according to stories those folk also met an untimely doom…

    While this is one of the best most elaborately detail myths in this area… i can tell you where it is also rumored to have started… World War 2, if you continue on down the road you will come to several houses and a gun club/range .. this area back hear was reserved for the USA military, housing secretly tanks and other such large equipment,ammo, and weaponry also used for training exercises. .. now according to this part of the story is where the witches tree legend came to life… on each side of the tree were gates, and the road has been buolt around the tree, this is where the tree can not be cut down….

    Is it fact or fiction??? Dunno but the legend stays and thoughthe tree was removed by a logging company (a tree farm is also back there) bc it was in the way of the semi s hauling the logs…

  6. I bought the 160 acres there several years ago and had my loggers cut it down no trouble. I cut up the property into mini farms and sold them. I heard the story so I kept some of the tree as a souvenir. I’m still alive if you want some contact me lol.

  7. […] 8. Witch Hill/ The Witches Tree – I found this one to be pretty boring myself, but the tree was long gone by the time I decided to go check it out. This is another one of those legends that has a different story depending on who you ask, but also one that most people, especially in Northern Kentucky, have heard. By the way, if anyone has a picture of the tree before it was cut down, please, send us a copy…we’ll give you the credit for it. Read about the now gone tree Here. […]

  8. My husband and I visited this tree back in 2003 and took some pictures. They turned out fine. We actually left a bracelet inside a hole in the tree for good measure. It had been spray painted with a teal color. When we drove up, 3 rottweilers attacked our car. We couldn’t get out until a neighbor called them off. Were the 3 dogs symbolic of something? Driving over the 3 hills in the road was pretty unsettling as well.

  9. Death to all who dances on the sacred grounds that have been hollowed by evil. You will see. soon

  10. In or around 2001 about 5 friends and I went there late one night to see the creepy tree. We weren’t there too long before a car came down a driveway at the top of hill and just sat there and watched us. So we took that as a sign to get out of there. We had two cars. I got into mine first with a friend in the passenger seat and I took off down the road towards the three humps.

    The car started to chase me. Riding my butt and making drive faster and faster. I hit that third hump and my car actually left the ground. I got away from them and pulled into the parking lot of the church at the beginning of Rifle Range. I’d hoped the psycho behind me would just drive by and I would wait for my other friends to catch up. I pulled in and around the back to turn around. As I turn around to come back to the front, the car pulls in and faces me. I can’t remember what kind of car it was but it seems like it was an older Monte Carlo or maybe an Impala or something like that. Something old with a big ol engine in it. Because they faced me and revved that engine at me. Headlights blinding me.

    I thought I’d stepped into a horror movie.

    After a minute they eventually backed away and drove off. My friends caught up and we took off. My pulse was racing for quite a while after that. Message received. I wasn’t going to go back after that.

    Many years later after I’d heard some idiots from Bishop Brossart had graffitied the tree. I went back during the day and all that was left was a twelve foot stump essentially. The legend had been neutered.

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