The Darby-Lee Cemetery

Nestled in the woods of Delhi, overlooking the Ohio river,The Darby-Lee Cemetery is a small, family cemetery with a big history. During the days of the underground railroad, a man named Henry Darby, who owned the property at that time, would use its location on the hill by the river to signal escaping slaves. On nights when it was safe for slaves fleeing the south to cross the river to Ohio, he would light a lantern with green, tinted glass, and play his fiddle from atop the hill. This was the ‘all clear’ signal for the slaves to cross.

When Henry died, he was the first to be buried at this spot. Now, on clear nights, urban legend says you can sometimes see the green glow of his lantern, or perhaps a green orb floating in the cemetery. Others report hearing what they says is the sound of a fiddle playing, yet you can never pin point exactly where the music is coming from. This has come to be known as ‘The legend of the fiddlers green’.

The Darby-Lee cemetery is located in the woods behind Riverview Retirement Community, about 100 feet behind the shed at the back of the lot. It’s often over grown, and pitch black at night, so be careful chasing that green orb around.


From downtown Cincinnati, take Sr-50 west to Fairbanks Road, turn right. This will turn into Delhi Pike. Follow it all the way up to Bender road, and turn right again. Turn right into Riverview Retirement Community. Follow the driveway all the way back, keeping to the right as you go, and park. At the back of the lot is a shed, and just beyond that is the sign marking the Darby-Lee cemetery. Just follow the path into the woods…the cemetery is visible from where the sign is.



  1. Lots of good memories blazing back here on the trail to the cliffs. Follow the trail past the grave yard and a half mile later you will find our beautiful campsite, keep it clean please!

  2. I don’t usually post things but this time I fiancee had an experience there some years ago where a spirit actually attached itself to him and he brought it home. Out of respect for his privacy I will not go into detail except to say that the proof was so overwhelming a professor from UC actually came to his home to interview him and examine some photos taken there that were proven to be authentic. I don’t really have an opinion about the paranormal but his story is very disturbing.

  3. I actually grew up in the house Mr. Darby built. In the 5400 block of River road. Now that house has some history and some off happenings. Mr. Darby was always a legend in our home. My great grandparents (The Shepherds) owned that home; bought it in the 1950’s.

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