Westwood Town Hall

Westwood Town Hall was built in 1889, when Westwood was still a village on the outskirts of Cincinnati. It originally housed most of the village government, along with the jail and fire department. It served on this capacity until 1896, when Westwood became a part of Cincinnati.

There was a security guard that worked at the building, named Wesley, who is said to have been very devoted to his job, and the building itself, having actually lived there while employed. So much so, that when he was let go as a result of the towns merger with Cincinnati, he was unwilling to leave the building, and he hung himself in the attic.

People that work in the building today (there are a few organizations housed there now) say that Wesley is still there. Many stories of doors opening and closing by themselves, things being moved when the building is empty, and ever stories of seeing a man in the building who will disappear before your eyes. He is said to keep mostly to the attic and the bell tower.

About the only way you’re getting into the building is if you work there, or are in one of the classes held there by the Cincinnati Recreational Commission. Even signing up for classes won’t give you full access to the building, so not much chance for the ghost hunters to have a look. But, as stated above, Wesley is reportedly sometimes seen in the bell tower, which is visible from the street, so that’s probably your best chance for catching a glimpse of him.


Westwood Town Hall is located at 3017 Harrison Ave. From I-75, take I-74 west to Montana Ave. Go left off the exit ramp, and continue up the hill until you reach Harrison Ave. The building will be across the intersection on the right.



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  1. i went to towne hall for summer camp and also ballet class from 1990-96. on the front of the building you will notice a weird window with a large bowl shaped sill. this was the ballet room located next to the stairs that go up to the bell tower. one day during summer camp a storm rolled through town (how cliche i know) and the power went out. a group of 5 kids or so and myself were playing truth or dare in the ballet room and i was dared to go to the bell tower. the door to the steps was unlocked but the door out to the actual platform where the bells are was bolted. i started up the stairs and found myself pinned against the wall by SOMETHING. unable to move. unable to make a sound. it was a feeling of when you get caught knowing your doing something you shouldnt be doing. i remember starting to cry and suddendly felt the weight off of me and ran down the stairs, past my friends, to the office where i cried until they called my mom to come get me. this was in 1996. i have not and refuse to, step foot on the property since that day. i do everything i can to avoid driving past it. the sinking sickness in the pit of my stomach i get doing so, is not worth it.

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