Buffalo Ridge Road

   Buffalo Ridge is a long and hilly Road that is located just northwest of Cincinnati in Cleves. Most of the road is bordered by woods, as it’s actually home to the Mitchell Memorial Forest. There are several legends linked to this road. Stories range from being chased at night by evil vans, to phantom cars from failed gang initiations, an evil dog with glowing green eyes, ghosts that run across the road searching for their missing body parts, and of course, the Crematorium. You see, this road was allegedly the site of a corrupt crematorium that dropped bodies out in the woods. Click HERE to learn more about it.

   Here’s are some of the legends I’ve found attributed to the road. They are:

   A woman was shot and killed in one of the homes on Buffalo Ridge, while she was trying on her wedding dress. Her corpse then decapitated. She is said to walk the road now, searching for her missing head.

   A young boy was killed in a hit and run accident. It’s said that the boy’s mangled body left a blood stain in the road that has never disappeared. If you stop to check it out, a phantom van, said to be the vehicle that killed him, will show up and chase you off. This is probably just vans that belong to the Hamilton County Park District, entering and leaving the Mitchel Memorial Forest.

   Demon Dogs with glowing eyes, that sometimes attack passing cars. Really, any dog seen along the road at night appears to have glowing eyes when your oncoming headlights strike them.

   Ruins of an old crematorium are said to be located on Buffalo Ridge. The crematorium supposedly disposed of bodies by throwing them in the woods instead of incinerating them. Satanic rituals are alleged to take place there now. It is said to have exploded at some point, throwing debris all over the woods. It’s also been said to be one of Charles Manson’s hangouts when living in the area as a child. Click HERE for more info on this site.

   A car load of people were killed in a wreck here during a gang initiation, and you can still hear screams and the crash of a car. There have been SEVERAL wrecks and accident related deaths along Buffalo Ridge, so sure, this is a possibility. Well, the wreck, I don’t know about the phantom screams and stuff.

    There is an old abandoned house where lights have been seen inside even though nobody has lived there for decades, if you go up the driveway, you can see a witch standing in the window. There is actually an account of someone, who was considered less than stable, living in an older home along Buffalo Ridge. He reportedly was know to stand motionless at the window on occasion, though he no longer resides there…or does he?

Here’s some video, Taken along Buffalo Ridge Road



Buffalo Ridge is located in Cleves, on Cincinnat’s westside, between Wesselman and East Miami River Road.Take I-74 to Cleves exit, right on Route 128 to Miamitown, right on Harrison Avenue, right on East Miami River Road, left on Gum Run Road, right on Buffalo Ridge Road. Also accessible from Springdale Road, right on Harrison Avenue, left on Wesselman Road, right on Buffalo Ridge Road.


  1. Went there with a friend to see the witches house got chased by a hill billy then drove back up when we got a ride and there was more! Not really a scary story but just a funny encounter.

  2. When Charles Manson was a child the Park was not there to play in … It was a Observatory.. And the story of the lady in White is she got killed on her wedding night in a car wreck and walks the street .. A few people said they have seen her and they still do.. I have never but a few that have I believe.. There are many unexplained events and sightings .She has been mostly seen down nearest East Miami River Road.. Within the first 3 to 5 miles off of that…. But you have to consider this.. Buffalo Ridge and areas around were where Indians settled .. near the water.. So I am sure plenty buried here..

  3. We used to ride down this road in the back of a pick up truck when I was a teenager. Stories of satan worship, legs found in trash cans, people hanging from trees…all kinds of stories. I don’t know why we kept going back, we lived really far away but would religiously go back on the weekends. Pretty uneventful but we still had fun. Probably the eeriness of being in the back of a pick up in the middle of the night going down the road listening to the ghost stories 🙂

    • I grew up on Zion rd. , so I was on buffalo ridge all the time. There was no crematorium. Just ruins from an old commerce building. The new observatory is on zion across from park entrance on left side of road, down from the park. When I grew up there were many stories of kkk activity in the woods and satanic rituals. Cleves apparently has a lot of kkk history. This could explain seeing figures in white a long time ago? As far as white vans go, these are park rangers. This road is dangerous at times when kids drive too fast and I’m sure locals of that road get tired of traffic from the hype. Many blind spots on road. The dark lake spoken of is just a really old pond. Nothing spooky. There is a lake hidden off a park trail that is pretty cool. Go down first trail you come to and keep veering left. This ridge was a real buffalo and native American trail. The local high school, Taylor, has old tunnels underneath it that go down to the river. These are said to be old slave tunnels, but I have heard of many tunnels in the area. I heard Taylor was haunted, but I’ve never noticed anything there or where that came from.Just an old school. I have seen the underground tunnels. Pretty cool. They’re used like a basement. Old desks and such. Be careful if you visit the ridge. The driver should be alert. Many deer as well, or what ever that creature is…;)

      • There WAS a crematorium on Bufflo Ridge, all that is left is parts of walls still down there, the entrance to the old crematorium still stands there, 2 rock made entrance markers and the crematorium went down into the valley.

    • In High School when I first started to drive we would drive buffalo ridge religiously! One night we were turning around in a drive way (around 1997-1998) and a huge dog jumped on the hood of my car! It scared the crap out of us! I bet the home owners loved scaring kids with that dog on the weekends.

  4. Back in 75, I went up there with three other people. It was dark and we did hear a woman screaming. That was enough for me.

    • In High School when I first started to drive we would drive buffalo ridge religiously! One night we were turning around in a drive way (around 1997-1998) and a huge dog jumped on the hood of my car! It scared the crap out of us! I bet the home owners loved scaring kids with that dog on the weekends.

  5. I have grown up by buffalo ridge and have had many family members live on that road. I will say this. Me and my ex were driving on buffalo one night and were talking about ghost stories and the car unexplainably just stalled out. It took us several attempt to get it to start again and drove like a bat out of hell. This happened one other time to me with my sister and kids in her vehicle. I was explaining what happened with us before and then it happened again. Very strange.

    • Happened to me too I had a full tank of gas and going down the road my gas guage went to empty and the car stalled

  6. I have lived on Buffalo Ridge Rd. since 1952. I very much enjoy all the stories about my home. One note of true history I would like to add follows. When the German spies landed on our shores during WW2 they made it to Cincinnati for local aid. We all know of the rich German culture here. Anyway they went to Buffalo Ridge Rd. to attempt to make short wave communication with their homeland. That would be Germany for those who never learned any history. They were later captured and hung. I believe there were 5 or 7 of them but no great threat to Avondale. Now for you to understand this you need research a little history to know what Avondale was like in 1944.

    • Hank, I lived on BBR from 1949 to 1956. My dad and uncle built our houses there. About 1997, when I brought my family to see where I was born, we found the house in ruins. It had burned down the day before! Trickel was the name

  7. I grew up on East Miami River Road, or “Frog Town” on Vollmer, and I went to Mitchell a lot, but I never heard of any myths about Buffalo until I reached High School

  8. Isn’t this where Munchkin Land was? I remember hill hopping an seeing the little munchkin houses along the road. An I didn’t do drugs. Lol

  9. No munchkin land is by mt rumpke well more behind it. I grew up driving all those roads an had a lot of fun never really seen anything on Buffalo ridge though but still had fun listening to all the stories!

  10. I used to leave my house on Dugan Gap Rd. at 11pm to take the kids to UDF in Miami Heights to get ice cream and look for the upright walking shadow crossing Bridgetown at Zion. it was pretty consistant. You could see it in your dim headlights, but if youslowed and flipped up the brights it wasnt there. go back to dims and it had continued its walk while the brights had been on. But the FREAKIEST thing was bringing the kids back from UDF and seeing a pair of super-shiny black legs walking in the ditch by the split-rail fence up from Dog Trot. Legs with no hips or torso, just legs. My daughter in the front seat thought it was cool, my son in the back seat was going to jump out the back door of the car from fear. There’s something wrong with that area

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