Union Terminal

 You can get some information on the history of Union Terminal by clicking HERE. While this link will tell you all about how this awesome building came to be, it won’t tell you about the creepy side of it. Union Terminal, or the Cincinnati Museum Center as it’s known now,  is said to be haunted by the ghost of a security guard named Shirley, who was murdered there.

    Fifty year old Shirley had been working as a guard there for almost a year, when she became the unfortunate victim of a break in gone wrong.  Hearing the sound of glass break on the night of September 6th, 1989, she went to investigate, and was never seen alive again. When she didn’t return, coworkers began searching for her, finding only the evidence of the break in Shirley was investigating. She, along with her car, were missing. For 9 weeks, authorities and family searched for her, but it was too late, her body was found in a shallow grave in Clermont county. Apparently, she had been kicked to death. It took two additional years for the 3 men responsible for her death to be caught

   But now, her ghost has allegedly returned to Union Terminal. Employees say she still roams the halls there, rattling door knobs and checking locks. Some members of the cleaning crew refuse walk alone there at night.

    Other ghost stories have come out of the museum as well.  One involves an airplane from WWII. A pilot is said to be seen inside the plane, doing what? I don’t know, but i guess trying to fly home. There are also reports of hearing people crying or welcoming back soldiers near the train tracks, which is understandable,  since Union Terminal was a busy railroad station during WWII.


 From I-75, take the Ezzard Charles Dr. exit (near downtown), and go westbound on Ezzard Charles. Union Terminal will be right in front of you.


    • My father was a security guard right after the murder. He said there was always sounds of foot steps behind him. If anyone has any pictures of the old hotel rooms there, he would love to see them.

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