The Twin Train Tunnels

Twin Tunnels   The twin train tunnels are just south of Cincinnati in Ryland Heights, Kentucky.  Located on Lambs Ferry road, the area is very dark (no street lights), and feels like its in the middle of nowhere, though there are homes all up and down the road. According to local legend, a man was killed in one of the tunnels there back in the 1930’s, and if you come here after 10:00 pm, you’ll see him in, or near the tunnels. He is said to have brown hair, and wears a white t-shirt. I don’t know if he was supposed to be someone connected to the railroad company, or just someone walking the tracks, but he’s said to be seen walking towards the tunnel exit. In some versions of the story, he is carrying a lantern.

I do NOT recommend anyone entering these tunnels. They are private property, owned by CSX, and you don’t want to get splattered by an oncoming train.

I can’t say for sure if anyone really has been killed in either of these tunnels, it’s not hard to believe they have, but I didn’t find any record of it. I also didn’t put a lot of effort into it, so maybe there was. Drive by and check it out, but be smart and don’t go inside.


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  1. Sitting here in Texas just browsing and looked up Dunham hospital since I was raised just a short walk from there and my wife and I had thought of it recently. Anyhow thanks for some fascinating posts some I knew about and some I didn’t. Thanks

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