Miami Cemetery

   This cemetery, located in Miamitown, is a mixture of a few different cemeteries that were moved to one location. When the land was needed for other things, the bodies at these cemeteries were dug up, and reburied here. It’s been said that if you drive past the cemetery at night, you will see a little girl in a white dress moving among the headstones. She will either disappear when you notice her, or be visible until you try to approach her. Many people also just report feeling creepy or not right once inside the cemetery gates…but, it is a cemetery, so what do you expect?

   There’s no real back story here as to who the little girl is, or why she hangs out at the cemetery. Having driven past there several times at night, I’ll admit to catching a glimpse of something white moving among the headstones a time or two. However, turns out all I was seeing was headlights reflecting back from some of the stones. Most Ohio cemeteries are closed after dark, but this one is sort of the exception to that. As long as you stay to right side of the cemetery in relation to the walkway that cuts through it, your safe. The other half  is, in fact, closed at night.


Take I-74 to exit 7 (SR-128 Cleves/Hamilton), and take SR-128 north. The cemetery will be on your left at the corner of SR-128 & Mill Street




  1. Me and a friend went here friday night just as it turned dark..we took some pictures and were never bothered. Never did see any of the gates get closed from any of the a matter of fact we seen a couple people walking thru to the Marathon via the walkway. Was quite peaceful..and we notice alot of headlights reflecting off of the headstones..bout the only odd thing we saw was on one of the mausoleums there were some reserved for the last name of frankenstein

  2. I’ve been there once at night and spent a good amount of time there. Nothing to strange besides seeing a few shadows while walking and exploring. All three of us did happen to see something flying above us with a long tail around the size of its body taking a nose dive very near. I’d say it looked like a bat but I don’t know of any bat or even bird in that matter that has a tail. Interesting, but otherwise nothing else really happened.

  3. Although I have not been to the cemetery, my grandmother used to own an antique shop down by it and whenever I went downstairs by myself I would get an eerie feeling I was being watched..

  4. I live by there and was driving past during the day. It was starting to get dark around 8:30 Or 9, I saw a little girl on the side walk with long black hair and her head was down as she was walking and her hair was covering her face . She was wearing a black dress that looked like it was something from 1800’s. At first I thought I imagined it but my 11 year old also saw her and asked what is that little girl wearing? I was thinking it was a little girl who happened to look that way and just walking by herself past a cemetery until i just looked up this cemetery to see if there’s anything weird about it.

    • sonds like a great ghost story i fle markit close to there walked that road at day an night never seen aenything everyones got a good story to tell thats for shure

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