The Newport Syndicate


The Newport Syndicate, an upscale bar/restaurant/ banquet hall across the river in Newport, Kentucky, hasn’t always been the classy and legit place it is today. Before being bought and renovated in 1995, this building was the Glenn Schmidt Playtorium. It was a bar/ restaurant/ casino/ bowling alley owned and operated by the Schmidt’s, who were known to have ties to the mafia back in the day.

Though its not a place you usually hear ghost stories about, those that have worked there over the years swear the place is haunted. The stories are the usual you hear about any haunted location…shadow figures, voices, doors opening or closing unassisted, and just plain strange feelings. Who would be haunting the establishment? All those people who ‘allegedly’ ran afoul of the mafia and were killed here apparently. I’m not about to go into an explanation of who’s and what’s of the mafia in the area back then, you can look that up elsewhere, but it pretty much owned Newport back in the day, and I have no doubt there were a few people ‘taken care of’ on the property.

I haven’t been to the Newport Syndicate in a few years, but I don’t think their haunted history is something the advertise too much. Mobsters yes, ghosts no. Bad for business I guess. But it is worth noting that the Newport is Haunted Tour starts here, so maybe they aren’t keeping all their ghosts in the closet after all.

Can you visit this location?

This is a privately owned business, you’re welcome there as a customer during business hours. I don’t know their policy on ghost hunts, you’ll have to ask them.


  1. I was there about 19 years ago for a Company Christmas Party. I have to admit that I had a very uneasy feeling the entire time we were inside the building that went away as soon as we were outside leaving. I just blew it off as my own anxiety with large crowds but even though I have had several opportunities to go back for other events I have never gone. I guess anxiety or not creepy feelings are creepy feelings.

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