Hell’s Church


   Hells Church, not to be confused with Devils Church, is a pretty popular urban legend. It’s said that in the woods in Batavia stands a fireplace, that is all that’s left of a red church that was burned down several years ago. Some versions of the legend say that it was a satanic church, burned down either during some ritual, or struck by lightning and burned down by God himself. Others say it was a normal church, burned down for one reason or another. Either way, the site is still reportedly used for satanic rituals, including human sacrifice!

   If there ever were any Satanists doing their thing here, in the past or present, I can’t say for sure. But I can say that there never was a church on this site, red or any other color. To be accurate, there are actually 2 chimneys in this area, though the orange brick one is generally agreed to be the ‘real’ Hells Church site. However, as I said, there was no church. These chimney’s are what is left of two cottages that used to stand here. at least one of them, the orange brick, was actually burned down by the fire department itself. As you can see from the pictures below, neither was attached to a church.

   I wouldn’t worry about Devil worshippers, ghost’s, or anything else if I was going to this location ….because the owner of the property would most likely have you arrested, or at least run off, before things got that far. In other words, its private property, the owner lives nearby, and doesn’t want you there.


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  1. By the big church on the Hill in Hamilton Ohio on Hamilton Cleves Road there used to be a haunted house with a florist glass building on it I seen ghost in there when I was a kid now that is torn down and the foundation is just there from what I see in Tucson Arizona on my satellite view on my Android phone I can’t believe someone didn’t know something about this but we discovered it as kids and it was really creepy when we went there there was a little trap door you pulled up by a rope and at the bottom there was a toy pedal car Anna doll that’s about all there was there an old staircase is where I saw smoke or a mist of some type

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