Rapid Run Park

Rapid Run Park

Rapid Run Park is another one of those locations that somehow got a reputation for being haunted, without anyone knowing why. Originally called Lick Run Park, it was built in the 20’s and renamed Rapid Run Park in the early 40’s. It’s best known for its pavilion and reflecting pond, but the supposed ghosts are said to hang out elsewhere.

All the spectral sightings take place at night (as one would expect), and always in one of 3 areas. There’s said to be a little boy who hangs out and plays on the swing set at the top of the hill. Even when he’s not actually seen, some report the swings will start moving by themselves. Others claim to see figures near the shelter by the baseball field, that will disappear before their eyes. And lastly, somehow the Native Americans have been brought into it, as some say they see the spirits of them roaming the woods at the back of the park.

The only reason I can think of that the park got its reputation as being haunted is due to the fact that there are cemetery’s all around it. Next to it, across the street from it, and the Price Hill Potter’s Field behind it. In fact, I thought I read somewhere once that part of the original Potter’s Field was actually on park property. I may be wrong on that, as I couldn’t find anything about it when I looked this time. But it’s entirely possible, as the two are right next to each other.

The park closes at 10:00 pm, so get your ghost hunting in before then. It’s located at 4450 Rapid Run Parkway.

Can you visit this location?

This is a public park, open to visitors during hours specified by them. After hours, it’s trespassing.



  1. You should do some research on Washington Park as well… lots of things happened there on our ghost tours…. they pulled more than a few sets of human remains out of there during the renovation.

      • This is where I played at as a kid ,but that was eons ago so there problely were’t any ghost back then !

      • There is a trail in the park that leads to a place that was said to be a “Nuns” house, back in the day, there is remains of a in ground pool and some type of building, creepy as HELL back there

      • I’ve ran into the boy on the swiing once…late after hours.was sleeping for the night when I felt a finger like like touch on my knee.freaked me out first.but I think he’s playing hide & seek possibly.

      • I had encounter with the little boy once…he touched me on my knee,think he’s playing hide & seek honestly.this was late late night.

  2. I’ve been encountered by the little boy…he touched me on my knee.guess he was playing hide & seek this was late late night.

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