The Pond Run Road ‘Hook Man’


The Story of the Hook man is one of the most popular urban legends in the country, just about everyone has heard one version of the tale or an other. But not everyone realizes we have our very own hook man right here in Ohio! Our hook man hangs out on Pond Run Road in New Richmond. The back story (as usual) varies a bit depending on who tells it, but here’s the basic plot: A doctor & his wife lived on pond Run Road with their son. The son, it turns out, was either mentally disturbed or handicapped. Either due to the boys mental state, or just because they were abusive, the boys parents kept him locked in the house, at times even shackling him or tying to something by one arm in the basement. Unfortunately, sometime in the 50’s or 60’s, the house was struck by lightning during a storm and caught fire, burning it down. The doctor & his wife were found, burned to death,but all that was found of the boy was one, severed hand!

So now the boy is homeless and handless, on top of being mentally disturbed. It’s said that from that point on he lived in the woods along Pond Run Road, stealing from other homes in the area. While there were homes on the road, much of it was undeveloped at the time, and it was popular as a lovers lane. Anyway, these horny teenagers must have pissed off the boy, because the legend says he began to kill them! The first alleged murder took place on what was once a wooden bridge on Pond Run. A young couple was found stabbed to death there, by something pointy, like an ice pick. Maybe a metal punch. Or, of course, a metal hook. Just where the boy acquired a hook for his hand, or how, isn’t known, but from this point on he was known as the Hook Man!

After that first murder, lots of people are said to have packed up and moved out of the area, houses were torn down…the area just seemed to empty out. The area’s new reputation seemed to attract more teenagers to lovers lane though. The risk seeming to add to the allure of the area. From this point on, the murders become your traditional hook man legends. A couple in their car, windows fogged up, hear an odd noise outside. The man goes to investigate…next thing the girl knows, it’s morning and she is being awakened by the police. As they lead her away from the car, she looks back and sees her boyfriend laid out on top of the car, dead, his body punched full of holes. And of course, the most popular story; A couple again parked on Pond Run, only this time when they hear an odd noise, they leave. Upon reaching her home, the man gets out and comes around to open her door, where he finds a bloody hook hanging from the handle.

While there’s no proof that any of this actually happened, who cares!? It’s an awesome tale, and worth a trip there at night to look for him. I just wouldn’t try parking and getting it on while there, just to be safe.


Take I-275 to the US 52 / Kellogg Ave exit. Take 52 East for about 8 miles. Pond Run Road will be on the left.

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