Welcome to Creepy Cincinnati

   Though we’re just getting started, be sure to check back often. This will be THE website to visit for info on all the creepiest, spookiest, and allegedly haunted locations in and around the Cincinnati area. We have a LONG list of places to cover here, but if you know of a good, creepy location in the area, tell us about it at creepycincinnati@gmail.com



  1. Shuff-Meyers Cemetery Sharonville. Very eerie at first in the middle of the burbs and would have missed it because the sign is down. We saw “Cemetery closes at dusk” sign and hit the breaks. Well kept and peaceful Civil War era. The woods behind are creepier. Walked into the path looked in a tree, there is a bra hanging there. 5 feet further on a dress in the tree, 5 feet further panties…bizarre.. The path runs along a ridge about 70 feet above the creek its steep. Lived here all my life never seen it! Some investigations of ghosts and noises in woods no good ones. Check nit nice park, Eagle Scout Garden and interesting story and tombstones!! 9 stars

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