1. […] Creepy Cincinnati rules. I recently found this blog when I started my own ghost blog and Rick over there is an awesome dude, and his blog is just as awesome with tons of great stuff. Check it out if you like the paranormal, especially if you live near the Cincinnati area. […]

    • Did you ever look up the history on the house to see if he perished there and when? That might help you, maybe he needs your help to get to the other side. You know how they say, unfinished business? Could be true?

    • If you still live there lmk I can find out who it is possibly and see if it means well and alot more details !

  2. The ghost train of Mt. Healthy:
    (this story is in more than one book about true ghost storys!)
    Mt. Healthy was originally named Mount Pleasant. When the time came to name our town officially they found out there was already a Mount Pleasant somewhere else so they decided to name it Mount Healthy. They came up with the name Mount Healthy because in the 18 hundreds there was a big chlora(spelling?) outbreak in Cincinnati which killed a whole lot of people. But most of the people that lived up here in Mount Healthy did not get sick because of our elevation that made our water keep running so it did not stagnate.
    the trains that used to run from cincinnati to Mt. Healthy was not allowed to stop during the epidemic because the people in Mount Healthy were afraid of contamination so many people died. Now in present time you can hear the whistle of the ghost train when you are standing in the alleys of Mount Healthy.
    You really can hear train whistles in and around Mt. Healthy at certain times which to me seems related to weather conditions. It is actually the trains that still run through Northside that can be heard!

  3. There is a home at 11 willowood in Walton Kentucky that is said to be haunted with footsteps heard at night and doors and cabinets opening on their own. People say they hear voices at night and can see shadows moving when the home is dark. Supposedly someone used a ouija board there and conjured up zozo. Children and animals are said to see someone or something inside the home at night. I heard the thing there comes at night around 3:33 am.

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