Delhi Park

   Delhi Park, located on the west side of Cincinnati in, obviously, Delhi, is alleged to be haunted by 2 apparitions. Urban legend says that if you enter the park after dark, you would see these 2 apparitions near a set of swing sets, and they would then follow you until you left the park.

   These two are said to be the ghosts of men who drowned in what is called Clearview lake, which is close to one of the parks entrances (Foley Road). Until recently, this lake was part of the property next to the park, behind Clearview Tavern. The tavern is now gone, and the lake is now part of the park. Those who have swam in the lake say there is a strong undertow that has pulled several swimmers under, drowning some.

   While it’s not known if these drownings actually occurred, it is known that at least one man purposely drowned himself in the lake not long ago, but the alleged haunting here began before his death. Who these apparitions are, why they hang out ny the swings, and why they chase people out of the park aren’t known. I spoke to a Delhi police officer on patrol there, and when asked about the legend he said he has never seen anyone, living or dead, follow his cruiser when he drives through at night. But, he also said he doesn’t normally look behind him while doing so….but that he would from now on!

   The swing sets that these two are said to hang out at are gone now, taken down in 2007, so it’s not known if these two are still supposedly there. If you go looking for them yourself, keep on mind that the park closes at sundown, so you aren’t supposed to be there. And definitely don’t try swimming in the lake, or it could be you hanging out in the park all night for eternity.

Here’s a video taken at Delhi Park