The Ruppert House

The Ruppert House 3

On March 30, 1975, Easter Sunday, James Ruppert murdered 11 family members in his mother’s house in Hamilton, Ohio in what has come to be called the Easter Sunday Massacre. He is now serving two life sentences at the Allen Correctional Institution.
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So I went to Visit Munchkinville/Tiny Town Today…


Handlebar Ranch 2014

Handlebar Ranch 2014


So I took a drive out to Handlebar Ranch, or Munchkinville if you prefer to call it. I still get inquiries as to it’s location, and for info on the legends about the place, so I thought we’d show you what it looks like today. The place has been closed and the lot vacant for years, and is actually owned by Rumpke now. All that remains is the wagon wheel gate, the old, wooden bridge, and some cement walls. Now obviously, there never was a town of retired circus midgets here, but it sure made for a good story. If you don’t know the story of Munchkinville, you can read about it HERE. And if you want to see it yourself, It’s located at 11317 Hughes Road in Northern Cincinnati. But, again, no Trespassing…you don’t wanna piss off the midgets!


The Abandonded Cincinnati Subway Tunnels

Creepy Cincinnati subway tunnelsPhoto from

I could write for hours talking about all the facts and trivia concerning the never completed Cincinnati Subway tunnels, but instead, i’ll just give you the basics. If you want to know the history and facts about it, and see plenty of pictures,  visit They can tell you the story alot better, and in depth, than I could.

Though you can see the entrance to part of the tunnels from I-75 near  Hopple Street, don’t bother trying to get in for a look.  If it were that easy, I’d have pics of my own posted here. You used to be able to sneak in, but all the entrances have now been secured, they REALLY don’t want you in there. There are occasionally tours given of parts of the tunnels, but even on those, no cameras are allowed. They are usually given once a year, and they fill up quickly. You can get some info about the tours HERE.

Those who did manage to get inside when it was still possible claim the tunnels are haunted by the ghosts of workers who died during construction. They tell of disembodied voices and moving shadows. But again, chances of getting inside are slim to none, so do yourself a favor, and don’t bother trying. Wait for one of the tours instead.

Poor Bigfoot


This has nothing to do with Cincinnati, but what the hell. Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer claims he killed the above pictured Sasquatch, who he calls “Hank”, in 2012. He now plans to show it off by taking it on tour. Just thought I’d share this bit of dumb-assery for anyone that may have missed it, you can read the full story HERE. Maybe next he can bag one of those mermaids they keep talking about on Animal Planet.

Local Myths & Legends: ‘Superman’ George Reeves is Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery


   I’ve heard this since I was a kid…that George Reeves, star of the 1950′s ‘Superman’ TV show, is buried here in Cincinnati at Spring Grove Cemetery. While he did spend some time there postmortem, he is, in fact, NOT buried there. George died on June 16, 1959 from a gun shot wound to the head, which was ruled as a suicide.

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Reader Submission: Ghostly Photo Bomb at Kings Island?

Kings Island Ghost

We haven’t (yet) covered Kings Island on the site, but I’ll share this latest email anyway. This picture comes to us from Erin, and here’s what she had to say.

A few years ago my sister and her friends went to King’s Island. They had someone take their picture that night. When she got home she was showing me all of her fun times. As I looked at this picture, I noticed something in the background and zoomed in to find what appears to me to be a ghost. I then did some research on any deaths at King’s Island and found that in the early 1920′s two train cars loaded with gunpowder belonging to King Powder Company, that was originally located where present-day King’s Island is, collided and caused an explosion that killed 11 people, one of them being a little girl in a dress that is said to still haunt King’s Island today.


Reader Submission: Haunted Train Ride at the Cincinnati Zoo?

These pictures come to us from Rebeckah. She was on the train at the Cincinnati Zoo during the Festival of Lights in 2010, and noticed something in some pictures taken during the ride. Here’s what she says about it.

I’m not sure if you try to prove or disprove any submissions that are made but I will give you as much detail as I can remember. It was very cold that night and when the pictures were taken and we were riding on the train. The first picture is the one taken that my daughter is facing the camera and the second was taken a few seconds later. Many who have seen these agree that it almost looks like a figure sitting next to me with it’s arm around me and I’ll admit I got creeped out then I got home and first loaded the pictures off of the digital camera. I’ve heard that the zoo is believed to be haunted but other than the pictures themselves I don’t recall any unusual occurrences or feelings from that night.