Mt. Notre Dame High School

Mt. Notre Dame

Mount Notre Dame High School has been around a long time, it was built in 1860, and originally as a boarding school for girls.  Eventually it became a school, at one point it was for grades K- 12, and was also co-ed before becoming the all girl High School it is today. Obviously the building itself has changed over the years as well, between add ons, renovations, etc.  Continue reading

Shimmers Ballroom & Tavern

Shimmers (3)

Shimmers tavern is yet another establishment in Northern Kentucky with a dark past. While today it’s a legit and popular hangout, in another time, it was a speakeasy, a brothel, and a place of murder. Continue reading

The Newport Syndicate


The Newport Syndicate, an upscale bar/restaurant/ banquet hall across the river in Newport, Kentucky, hasn’t always been the classy and legit place it is today. Before being bought and renovated in 1995, this building was the Glenn Schmidt Playtorium. It was a bar/ restaurant/ casino/ bowling alley owned and operated by the Schmidt’s, who were known to have ties to the mafia back in the day.

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The Loveland Frogmen

Sketch drawn by responding officers sister, based on eyewitness accounts. Taken from

Sketch drawn by responding officers sister, based on eyewitness accounts. Taken from

The story of the Loveland Frogmen began in May of 1955, just outside of Loveland, Ohio on a road that runs along the Miami river. This was where an unnamed business man claimed to see three bipedal reptilian looking creatures on the side of the road. The man pulled over and watched them for a few minutes, and says they were 3 or 4 feet tall, had webbed hands and feet, and leathery skin. Continue reading

Road Trip to the Home of the Mothman: Point Pleasant, WV

Point Pleasant, WV

Even though this is Creepy Cincinnati, sometimes we’ll take a drive and check out some other locations. This time went over to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home of my favorite cryptid, the Mothman!

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