The Cody Road Bridge

Cody Road (3)

The Cody Road bridge, in Northern Kentucky,  is a railroad bridge that runs over Cody road, right at the point where a creek runs under the road. So you have the bridge running above you, and the road dips somewhat below it. With the creek and low road, this area is prone to flooding when the creek rises. Flooding here is such a common occurrence, swinging gates have been permanently placed on either side of the creek, marked with stop signs, to be closed whenever the waters start to rise. The legends of this area revolve around a woman that was killed in one of the following fashions, depending on who you ask…

1) Committing suicide by either jumping in front of an oncoming train on the bridge, or by jumping from the bridge.

2) Running for help from her burning home that was near the bridge, but getting hit by a train in the process.

3) By getting caught in the current when the road quickly flooded below the bridge, either while in her car or while walking.

Reports from this area are often of a woman in white, walking the bridge, sometimes crying, others say yelling for help. Orbs, phantom trains, and disembodied voices are also reported here. Some locals refer to the phantom as “Pig Face”, supposedly referring to her injuries after going head to head with the train.

While researching this urban legend, I did come across the following story. This is an excerpt from Linda Linn’s “Kentucky Home and Ghost Stories”

   Just an update to your post that the Cody Road crossing is haunted. It’s true that the railroad bridge and road bridge are often flooded, and I believe someone did in fact die once due to that. However, almost all stories of haunting’s of these railroad tracks are false. During the prohibition, moonshiners would walk park on the road and cross the hills to the railroad tracks and make their product. The ghost stories were created to keep people away during their activities. I’ve lived the first 20 years of my life in a house next to those tracks, Cody Road was only a 20 minute walk down the tracks for me, so I was always interested in the subject. The most popular ghost involves a lady who died in a house fire and roams the tracks screaming for help and alerting people to the fire. In actuality, the woman in question never died in the fire (only the family pet, actually). Apparently two moonshiners had a falling out, and one of them set fire to the other’s house. The women who everyone believes haunts the tracks lived a long life until she died peacefully in the late 1980’s of old age. I’m not trying to debunk ghost sightings or activities (hell, I live within 10 minutes of Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder Kentucky). But having been a resident of Independence most of my life, I like to set the record straight whenever possible on the Cody Road hauntings. -Quentin Baker

Be careful if you decide to go check it out Cody yourself. It’s pitch black at night, and not much room to park. Make sure you ask for Pig face.

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