The Cincinnati Subway Tunnels

Cincinnati SubwayI could sit here for hours and write about the never completed Cincinnati Subway tunnels, but I’m lazy, and just looking for an excuse to post some pictures. If you want to know the history and facts about it, and see plenty more pictures,  visit They can tell you the story alot better, and in depth, than I could.

Those who have been in the tunnels over the years report hearing footsteps in the dark, disembodied voices, moving shadows…basically all the creepy shit you would expect to hear when talking about a place like this. Some have claimed to have actually been chased from the tunnels, but if it was by alleged ghosts or other explorers, I can’t say, but my money’s on people just having fun.

Though you can see the entrance to part of the tunnels from I-75 near Hopple Street, the city has it sealed up pretty good. That being said, Lindsey Vetter once again managed to get into another off limits location, and sent her pics for us to post here, so all these belong to her. Even though she did it, I wouldn’t recommend trying it yourself, I’m pretty sure the city will prosecute you for trespassing if they catch you in there. There are occasionally tours given of parts of the tunnels, but even on those, no cameras are allowed. They are usually given once a year, and they fill up quickly. You can get some info about the tours HERE.


    • I think it’s a security thing….one of the main water lines now runs through part of the tunnel. Guess they don’t want terrorists trying anything.

  1. only thing i found creepy in the tunnels off of hopple street was that while i was in there i had the feeling of someone standing behind me the whole time, and i was the last person to go in and out

  2. I have to say this is one of my favorite hiding places as I’m the only one that knows the way in. Muahahahaha. Xoxo.

  3. If anyone is slightly interested in the subways, I highly suggest Jake Mecklenborg’s book. His highly detailed discussions of the subways, include what was built, what’s still around, and why things were done the way they were. It also talks about how Cincinnati invented the shipping container! 🙂

    For readers of this site, the best part is the photography. Jake is a trained photographer and his images really capture the subway tunnels. Well worth the read!

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