The Ludlow Incinerator

The Ludlow Incinerator

I’ve had a lot of requests to do a post about The Ludlow Incinerator over the years, but I’ve never been able to find any stories of a supposed haunting or murder, or whatever, connected with it. That, and the fact that I’m lazy, are why it’s taken so long.

That being said, the place is legitimately creepy. Sitting abandoned in the woods at Devou Park, in ruins, graffiti on the walls,  it’s the perfect place to have a few ghost and murder stories attached to it. I’ve heard from several people claiming it’s haunted, but none saying why or what it supposed to happen there. A few claim it was used to burn bodies, however, it was actually just a garbage incinerator. The body burner story is better, but not realistic.

So, while I don’t have much to say about the place, I do have some pictures, and that’s better than nothing. I believe there’s talk of selling or tearing down the property, so if you want to see it yourself, you may want to get on that. You’ll find it at Devou Park, By Sleepy Hollow Rd, along the bike path, basically under the overhead train track.


  1. The incinerator is right next to where the Ludlow motordrome was located and eight people died in an accident there in 1913. Perhaps the ghosts are still in the general area and found this abandoned building sufficiently creepy to hang out in.

  2. The body of a Covington waitress was found near the incinerator on August 13, 1967 (not sure about the year). She was strangled with her own stocking. her name was Della Mae Miller. I found all this information from a Cincinnati Enquirer news clipping on their website.

  3. i’ve always heard stories that people would climb the hill onto the tracks and jump off.. many of these stories are true. also everyone in ludlow knows the story that a group of guys drug another man up to the incinerator, beat him, and hung him there. i’ve been there many many times and i can definitely say that the place is beyond creepy.

  4. It’s a BROWNFIELD contaminated with hazardous waste; EPA said candidate for cleanup, poses risk to human health and/or environment. 3 more Brownfields within 1 mile of this one. RealtyTrac home disclosure report 2021

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