Looks like the ruins at Buffalo Ridge are GONE

Buffalo ridge 2014

It’s been a few years since I was at the site of the old Buffalo Ridge Observatory, or as urban legends says, the crematorium. Apparently, the park service has been doing some work back in the woods there.

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Price Hill Potter’s Field

Price Hill Potter Field

Driving up Guerley Road in Price Hill, you would never suspect you are driving by a mass grave for victims of Cholera and Tuberculosis. In fact, most people don’t know the 25 acre Potter’s Field exists.

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The Peters Cartridge Company

Peters Cartridge Company


The Peters Cartridge Company,  in Kings Mills, is a favorite of locals when it comes to abandoned or supposedly haunted buildings. Though calling it abandoned isn’t exactly true, but more on that later.  While it is commonly called “The Powder Factory,” they didn’t actually make any gun powder at the site. The gun powder was made across the Little Miami River at the Kings Powder facility. The Peters Cartridge Company made shotgun shells and rifle and pistol cartridges., hence the name. Continue reading “The Peters Cartridge Company”

The Beverly Hills Supper Club Site

Beverly Hills Supper Club Site

No ghost stories here (that I’ve heard of), but plenty of tragedy. On this site, on May 28th, 1977, the Beverly Hills Supper Club caught fire, killing 165 people and injuring over 200. The Beverly Hills was a major attraction, about  two miles south of Cincinnati in Southgate, Kentucky. It drew talent from all over the country, and was a popular nightspot and illegal gambling house as early as 1937.

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So I went to Visit Munchkinville/Tiny Town Today…


Handlebar Ranch 2014

Handlebar Ranch 2014


So I took a drive out to Handlebar Ranch, or Munchkinville if you prefer to call it. I still get inquiries as to it’s location, and for info on the legends about the place, so I thought we’d show you what it looks like today. The place has been closed and the lot vacant for years, and is actually owned by Rumpke now. All that remains is the wagon wheel gate, the old, wooden bridge, and some cement walls. Now obviously, there never was a town of retired circus midgets here, but it sure made for a good story. If you don’t know the story of Munchkinville, you can read about it HERE. And if you want to see it yourself, It’s located at 11317 Hughes Road in Northern Cincinnati. But, again, no Trespassing…you don’t wanna piss off the midgets!


Chambers Road House

   Chambers Rooad House (49)

***Update: The Chambers Road House has been torn down***

   The abandoned house on Chambers Road, south of Cincinnati in Walton, Kentucky, has been the source of ghost stories for several years. Sitting back off the road, in shambles, lawn over grown, a barn sitting in disrepair nearby, this is the perfect setting for a scary story. The true history of the house is unknown at this time, but like any house in this Chambers Rooad House (28)condition, there’s a few stories floating around about it. Well, really the same story, but with a few variations.

Supposedly, at some point 20 years or more ago, a man and wife lived here with one or 3 children (depends on which version you hear). He was said to have a mental disorder of some of some kind, and eventually snapped. In some versions of the tale, he shot and killed his whole family there in the house before killing himself. Others say he took them all out to the barn and killed them there, along with all the horses. Still others say at least one child tried to get away, but the father chased them down and killed them in a tunnel near the house.

Those that explore the area now claim they hear screams, gun shots, even the horses. There are reports of apparitions in all 3 locations, those of the family running, and of the father chasing after them.

I explored the house, barn, and tunnel, all without incident. There is “something’ splattered on the wall in one of the bedrooms that is supposedly blood. Well, it’s reddish anyway, but I can’t say for sure that it is or isn’t blood. The place is a mess, if you check it out yourself, be cautious. And try not to piss Dad off while your there!