The Gwynn Building

    Located at sixth and Main in Downtown Cincinnati, The Gwynn Building was built in the early 1900’s (completed in 1914), and is one of only fifteen buildings in Hamilton County to be listed in the Department of Interiors National Historic register. It’s a cool old building (click HERE to read a little history) that’s another recent addition to the local paranormal community.

   The building is pretty big, with a large, creepy basement. People that work there have long reported unexplained voices and foot steps, shadow people, etc. There have been a few deaths at the Gwynn, the first occurring back in the buildings early days when maintenance man was electrocuted while changing a fuse in the basement. In later years there was also a homeless man found dead(of natural causes) in the basement, and most recently, a woman lost here life outside the building.

   A few paranormal groups have investigated there in the last 2 years, with only some supposed EVP’s and a video of a back pack falling over to show for it. In other words, they got nothing. If you ever have the opportunity to check it out, I hope you have better luck.



  1. Don’t forget one of the rarest things about this building is the fact that it has exactly 13 floors. While most architects would stop at 12, go on to 14 or skip the 13th floor altogether (at least the button for the floor) the architect for the Gwynne liked lucky number 13. He did the same thing for another building in New York that he designed. 11
    The rumor is that the tower room on the top of the building was for the wealthy female owners daughter. It was stated she had “mental and physical issues” so they sent her up there with a nanny to “hide” her from the public. She was a little too “special” for the general public, lol.

  2. For what it’s worth I recently did some work in this building doing some lighting work and while working in the basement about 15 feet or so from where the maintenance man was killed I had a light fixture catch on fire for no reason and after a few minutes it went back outwhich I found pretty fascinating but really not too scary. I’ve been doing this kind of work for a long time and it never happened before and never has since, and while working in another area of the building I had my nut drivers in the holes at the top of the ladder I was using and keep getting the wrong one every time I grabbed one so I went to lunch and while eating I decided to find a way to tell which one was which because the tops of them were worn out and you couldn’t read the size and in case something was screwing with me well I was. going to do the same back but after lunch it didn’t happen again. I am paid by the piece and I spend most of my time working alone and usually at night so I try not to let anything chase me away, and old buildings can sometimes do that if you let them but by no means did I ever feel threatened here, although while working in another building in Cincinnati I however did because I kept hearing screams that chased me off sometime around 3 in the morning, and while telling the dude I was. working for he told me that a week before two guys were stealing copper and one of them feel from a ladder they were using so when the local police sent the dogs in they dragged the guy out by his broken ankle screaming. Residue tell me but still I allowed something to keep me from making any money that night. Who knows maybe there are some truths to some of the stories you hear. And I would love to run into a ghost if there are such a thing but that has yet to happen, I think sometimes we let our brains do the walking so to speak. And there was another time while working in northeast Ohio in what was susposely the oldest school in that state (alone like always) I heard. footsteps in a stairwell and I waited for a few minutes for someone to show. up because I was hoping they could answer a couple of questions I had but no one appeared so I went back to what I was. doing and the next day while mentioning it to another worker he said that I guess you weren’t told this building was haunted and laughed so I guess I did hear Me McCormick walking the halls as the story went and when I told the. same story to one of the teachers that worked. there she. seemed really scared but like before I never felt anything that should concern anyone just footsteps and even though I was told that I would be the only one in the building there is always someone like a security guard or just. someone returning to get something they forgot and old buildings can make a lot of strange noises

  3. I worked in this building for 5+ years. Never experienced anything. Other than someone mopping the carpet outside of my office one day.

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